Seized Kitties Need Your Help

There are still about 35 cats/kittens (and these are mostly kittens under a year old) that need rescue commitment. We all know their fate if they stay in a kill shelter. Here's the plea from the owner (Weatherford, TX is a few miles west of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex):

Dear Rescue Friends,

I a…

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Murder via Rescue

"Police: Man killed son, self... Williams and his wife, Cynthia Williams, bred Great Danes at their former home in Wilson County. Sheriff’s deputies raided the property last year and seized more than two dozen dogs, claiming animal cruelty and related violations. A judge threw out the search warrant…

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No Excuses, Animals First

"There is absolutely no excuse for not being able to get the dog down. What a POS!"

Little Sadie jumped in the water. Her 64 year old owner went in after her and, when he struggled, his 61 year old wife (who could not swim) went in after him. Sadie, like Missy on the mountain, survived. Sadie's own…

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AWA Original Intent

Many of you are considering how to respond to the APHIS proposal. In doing so, have you stopped to consider from whence the AWA came?
"the stolen pet never made it upstate. Pepper had been sold instead to a research hospital... Resnick introduced a dog-napping bill... wanted government licensing for …

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Deplorable! FILTHY! Yeah, AND???

We see it all the time in allegations of animal abuse. The animals were in "deplorable conditions" and it was "FILTHY" and the animals are just "infested" with... (you name it, they've got it all). And every time I see it, my response is: Yeah, AND??? So what? Are the animals reasonably healthy? The…

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Linda Geffin, Wayne Dolcefino starts digging

No evidence she was attacked by an "enemy"?

Time sheets altered?

"Wait 'till you see what her emails reveal."

Tonight at 10...

$19.00 a Month

For $19.00 a month, you too can help HSUS hire more lawyers to promote killing animals...

HSUS: PETA in suits with deodorant.

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Linda Geffin, Victim or Karma?

Message from Jennifer Gaut

Ms. Jennifer Gaut was one of the three attorneys who represented the Gracias in their civil forfeiture cases in Harris County and is representing them on appeal from the second judgment.  Their animals are gone but the fight goes on and, as she and I have often discussed, we know the public does not…

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AlphaTex Needs YOU

Were all of the AlphaTex animals cruelly treated? NO. Were ANY of the AlphaTex animals cruelly treated? NO. So says a unanimous jury.  Today, in west Texas, a team won a huge victory for all of us, human and animal.  But this fight is far from over and YOUR help is now needed.

"The six-person Rand…

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Animals Have NO Rights

I just attempted to post a link to a blog on this topic to Facebook only to be informed that the item has been flagged as "spam" which is most certainly is not. Please share through your email contacts as FB is blocking a fine blogger!

When you attempt to post this link on FB:

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AlphaTex Dared To Speak Out

Most animal seizure/forfeiture cases begin with Trespassing and end with Conversion.  They start with activists who have recruited law enforcement to aid them in invading one's privacy and home, often dragging the media along and allowing them to also freely traipse into your home.  This was the top…

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The $50 Dog Myth

The recent Medlen decision has once again raised the issue of how to put a dollar value on an animal.  If you do a bit of internet searching the popular belief you will find is that a dog is worth its replacement value which is alleged to generally be about $50; that it has always been thus in Ameri…

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To Trespass or Not to Trespass, That is the Question

Time and again the media traipses in with the "authorities" to take pictures and video and broadcast it to support their sensationalized versions of events.  Yesterday, KCBD was sued and for doing just that and, today, their defense is "no one told us to leave".  WELLLLL, no one has to do that.  Si…

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Thievery by Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue

To Texas Husky Rescue

Hey, you scuzzy thieves.  You have dogs that belong, per Texas property law and the US Constitution, to Ashley.  GIVE THEM BACK.

I am sick to death of people who claim to be in "rescue" who go around thieving loved, owned, cared for animals from owners on any flimsy excuse and/or false accusation …

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Foundling Puppy Somewhere in Texas

Is this your lost puppy?  If so, Ann C. Harlan has her somewhere in Texas and has recruited the fans at Pawsitively Texas on FB (who indicates this puppy is in the Houston area) to help her find your dog a NEW home.

The photo above was posted by Ann C. Harlan on July 1, 2011, on Facebook so she's …

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But What About the Animals?

Houston Humane Society (HHS) KILLS 86% of the animals taken into their shelter.  Well, that was their kill rate before the economy soured and they increased their RAIDER activities.  Yesterday, through a settlement agreement between Harris County, HHS, and an owner from whom they had seized nearly 2…

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Battery By Horse

If you were shoved, even poked, by someone 10 feet tall and weighing 1500 pounds, would you consider that offensive? I damned sure would, even considering it a criminal battery, but it's become a common occurrence that is often lauded by the public.

Battery is a criminal offense involving unlawful p…

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Tribute to a Foxhound

Nearly 150 years ago, there was a hunting dog shot by a neighbor.  The dog's owner sued (and won).  Here is part of what the owner's attorney said in closing argument to the jury.

Gentlemen of the jury: A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sle…

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Winter Weather Tips Kudos!

Kudos to KHOU in Houston.  Wish this had been posted yesterday (or periodically since the cold weather began) and it's not perfect BUT they get huge KUDOS from me for putting the pets above plants & pipes and making a serious effort at useful information!

Protect Pets

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HSPCA Killers Import CA Dogs

The HSPCA kills 20,500* every year... *Statistics are from the 2005 Mayor's Task Force report. Current statistics are not available for some shelters as they refuse to produce their kill rate statistics to the public.

Houston SPCA is amongst those who vehemently HIDE their kill rates and utterly r…

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Melinda Merck, DVM, Perjurer?


Euthanasia IS humane, Really?

"Euthanasia IS humane" is a general statement that someone posted on an email list yesterday and a couple of people concurred, including the list moderator.  I wanted to take issue with that general concept but, alas, the moderator (who actually started the sub-thread with "Euthanasia *is* a hum…

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Take a Walk

Gracia Update, Last Friday's Hearing

As many of you realize, the HSPCA is accustomed to merely presenting a lengthy bill and having a court rubber stamp it.  The judge in the Gracia case ruled that they had to present a detailed bill AND "prove it up".  This is a significant ruling.  Further, she ruled that the bill should be reduced f…

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Missing Pet Network (MPN)

Missing Pet Network.  Let's get pets back to their HOMES.

  • The MPN is a group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals. It accepts no money, makes no endorsements, and uses no advertising on MPN web pages.
  • If you have found a pet, y…

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Gracia Hearing Friday 2 PM

On Friday at 2 PM, Attila the Prosecutor (aka Linda Geffin) will likely be the one arguing that the Gracias should pay thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of dollars for the "care" their animals received while this case has been pending.

Has everyone seen the Harris County's "news release" issue…

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Rare Dogs Seized, ARFs to S/N All

"A Fannett Township man recently was found with about 80 of the world's rarest wild dog breed"  Prior to this, 150 of this breed were known to exist worldwide in captivity and and they are suspected extinct in the wild and this guy has 80 more tucked away and has obviously been successful at breed…

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Gracia County Court Jury Decision

The jury came back with a decision.  Interestingly, they gave the German Shepherd back to the Gracias along with the chickens; forfeited the other animals.  I find the return of the German Shepherd most interesting.  This is a dog that was allegedly amongst the HSPCA's major initial concerns upon tr…

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Gracia Appeal Begins Wed Morning

The Gracia case is now on appeal before Harris County Civil Court #2

Kathy Heaton posted on October 11, 2010:  Voir Dire (questioning prospective jurors) will be held in the Ceremonial Courtroom on the 17th floor of the Harris County Civil Courthouse, 201 Caroline, Houston TX 77002.  It is s…

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Gracia Hearing on Friday

UPDATE: The hearing on Friday has been moved up to 9:30 A.M. (from the 11:00 A.M. shown below).

The Gracia case is now on appeal before Harris County Civil Court #2.  Pre-trial motions will be argued Friday morning at 11:00 A.M.  (These were originally scheduled for the 15th and moved up to the 8th.…

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On Playing God with Dogs

On man is dead and another stabbed, recovering in the hospital.  There are 70 or so dogs, Shelties, that have been snatched up by authorities for now... "Sheriff’s authorities are working to ensure that the animals are current on their vaccinations and are all spayed or neutered."  Who the fuck d…

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Love/Hate & the Apple Mac

I didn't learn to use an "IBM compatible PC" until about 5 years ago. Don't even know if that's still the correct terminology for them.  I was a very early convert to the Apple Mac.  LOVED my first Apple Mac SE.  It came in a box and was EASY.  I plugged in 1 cable and turned it on.  It came with 1 …

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Seeking Angel Geeks

I'm writing this while babysitting my computer which is currently running a set of Norton scans.  I've been here for several hours and I don't really dare move away for long because Internet Explorer keeps launching so it can show me PORNO sites and that slows down my Norton scans, could hijack the…

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September 12th

My current FB status: "☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ If you support our troops then please post this on your status.  They risk sacrificing their lives for all of us. We have rights and owe obligations to preserve those rights. Freedom is never free. Home of the Free... because of the Brave! Today, we honor the…

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Snake on a Porch

Not just any snake either.  This was a female tiger rattlesnake.  And it was amongst a batch confiscated from someone somewhere.  Wouldn't you think it would make the news, blogs, something if a dozen or more VERY venomous snakes were confiscated?  If it did, I haven't found it yet.  What DID make t…

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EPA Proposing A Ban that needs STOPPED

Even if you're not a diehard fan of the 2nd Amendment like I am, you should care about this one.  The EPA is proposing a ban on some forms of ammunition.  Every time one of these bans is proposed, people run out and stock up on ammo.  Now, if properly stored (COOL and DRY), ammo has a very, very …

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Have to do a second entry this morning!  A few months ago, late January, 2010, to be more precise, Marion County decided it was a good idea to seize all of the animals belonging to Barbara Hoffmann and Fred Lulling.  My first entry on that case was "Government Kicking the Widow Hoffman"  Yep, most…

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HPD is Thieving Guns Now?

I am incensed, completely INCENSED with the Houston Police Department (HPD)!  "Evelyn Maxey said she noticed several horses trampling through her yard and after several attempts to divert the unwanted animals" so she got out her gun and shot a couple of times in the air; not at the animals, mine y…

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California Needs Some of YOUR Time

California Needs Some of YOUR Time to protect YOUR rights.  "SB 250 will prohibit keeping unaltered and unspayed dogs and cats over 6 months old without a specific local license, except as specified."  We've been sold a bill of goods when it comes to early spay/neuter; told it's just fine and dand…

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Heat Sick, A Chance to Read

I try pretty hard not to whine about my health because it doesn't make me feel any better to do so but I have to admit this heat is just kicking my butt!  19 of the last 21 days we've been under a heat warning and I'll swear that warning was fully justified.  I spend 5 minutes outside with a dog and…

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Wink Wink

Some days I think most people lack a basic understanding of the concept of property and of ownership.  Today, I’m sure of it.  We’ve been chatting here about the Gracias and how the HSPCA and others simply trampled all over their real estate.  The claim was that the property and the animals appeared…

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Sorry Everyone

It's been a comedy of errors and Murphy's Law around my house for a few days.  Started with the dog food and, hours after I posted that, the AC decided to freeze over due* to a sudden increase in humidity from a temperature drop (pop up storm #1 and daily since).  Today, AT&T internet and Murphy hav…

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No Hayfeed for Dogs = Cruelty

Apparently, the SPCA of Texas (SPCAT) and/or the Van Zandt County Sheriff has a new food requirement for dogs: hay, "seized 16 donkeys, 6 horses, 5 cows, 3 miniature horses, and 2 dogs ... what few hay bales that were found on the property were inadequate to feed all 32 animals. "  32 would include …

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Today, I need YOUR advice and brainstorming.  I have a nearly 10 year old Shiba Inu, see her here, and she is basically allergic to planet earth.  I need to find an alternative for the next 1 or 2 items linked below, organic chicken or turkey with nothing else whatsoever in the can except water.


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Convicted After Death

When one dies, I don’t think one retroactively sprouts wings and becomes an angel in life.  I don’t have even a tiny problem speaking ill of the dead if they were nasty people while alive and I’m even inclined to dancing on graves, literally.  Although we do often find out more about people after th…

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Invaders and Trespassers

Do you think that someone who would blatantly trespass to land and even criminally trespass, try to hide it by pointing out the elements of trespass and then slipping up to admit having committed trespass, would be truthful – even under oath?  What if their job depended on them lying?  What if the j…

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Does Prosecutor Linda Speak “Fact” or Rhetoric?

As many of you have already heard, the Gracias have perfected their appeal to County Court.  If you’ve been reading my blog entries on this case, you know I have shown complete distain for Prosecutor Linda Geffin from the Harris County Attorney’s Office.  I am completely disgusted with her and her o…

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