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HPD is Thieving Guns Now?

I am incensed, completely INCENSED with the Houston Police Department (HPD)!  "Evelyn Maxey said she noticed several horses trampling through her yard and after several attempts to divert the unwanted animals" so she got out her gun and shot a couple of times in the air; not at the animals, mine y…

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War, Murder, and Justice

Selective Blindness Leads to 3 Deaths in Dallas

David Brown Jr., son of Dallas Police Chief David Brown, “shot and killed 23-year-old neighbor Jeremy McMillian, then Lancaster police officer Craig Shaw before police killed him” but that’s the end of the story and the rest of the story is leaching out slowly.  Back in early May…  Yeah, weeks ag…

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4 HPD Officers Indicted 7 HPD Officers FIRED

YOU Could Be Raided TONIGHT

Based on "anonymous" tips, a raid ensued.  Whether you are accused of a minor drug violation, animal abuse, or some other crime by an anonymous source and no matter how minor the crime allegation, you can expect this is what you and your family may face these days.  This is how law enforcement will …

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LaGrange MO Police Torture and Kill Frightened Dog on Catch Pole

This dog was accused of being vicious.  She was so vicious that the person she was allegedly aggressive toward was able to chain her up and feed her to await the police.  She alleged growled at a child and the woman who chained her.  The police arrive, approach her, leash her and walk her off camera…

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800,000 Tax Dollars

Dog falls into rushing water.  Owner jumps in after dog.  The owner was Harris County Deputy Eddie Wotipka and his family may get an extra $800,000 because he didn’t bother to “clock out” before rushing to attempt to save his dog.  HUH?

I totally understand what he did.  I would probably ha…

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Mental Patients Used by HPD

Resisting Unlawful Arrest and other unlawful acts by government

Government Gets Passes for Itself Over and Over

Another Texas Taser Death

Chased and tased and dead in Waller County.  No real details available yet.  No doubt someone will be reminding us what a great "non-lethal" tool electroshock weapons are for law enforcement when the details do come.  And, of course, it will be the victim's fault for dying if he has some pre-existin…

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HPD's Rookie Rapist?

Burning Devils and Pagans

I see the Dow closed below 10,000 today.  Told y'all so!  I'm so glad I got completely out of "the market" a few years back.  Seriously guys, just take a look at the 5 year chart on the Dow.  We've actually had no real growth of anything with inherent value in this country for probably more than …

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Dallas Taser Settlement Coming?

Fort Worth has agreed to pay $2,000,000 to settle its taser case.  Even before that was passed by the city council, city spokesman Jason Lamers was defending continued use of tasers and inherently indicating Fort Worth would go right on using them no matter how much it cost taxpayers to fund settle…

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Fire & Fuel

Who Protects and Serves?

To protect and serve.  That term is bandied about.  We hear how dangerous it is to work in law enforcement.  We hear of the justification of new tools and techniques to protect these brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day.  Mostly, it’s a huge load of CRAP.

If you want t…

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Ft Worth Taser Settlement

She Had It Comin’

Jennifer Elaine McDougall, 30.  She was 7 months pregnant and had 3 children when her husband, father of those children, apparently shot her multiple times in the driveway and perhaps did so within view of the children.  She did not survive, nor did the fourth child.

Reporters hollered questions a…

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Detroit PD Executes Child, age 7

At about 1 A.M. Sunday morning, apparently a 7 year old sleeping child had a police flash bang (an incendiary device) tossed upon her, catching her on fire, and was then shot and killed by an officer’s bullet during a warranted raid of a home in which the sought suspect was not present.  The child’s…

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Systemic Failure of the Judicial Branches

Wrongful conviction, the ultimate sign of a criminal justice system’s breakdown and failure, has been documented in too many cases,” the decision said.  In a 4-3 decision, the highest court for the State of New York, the New York Court of Appeals (think Supreme court if you don’t live in New Yo…

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