Winter Weather Tips Kudos!

Kudos to KHOU in Houston.  Wish this had been posted yesterday (or periodically since the cold weather began) and it's not perfect BUT they get huge KUDOS from me for putting the pets above plants & pipes and making a serious effort at useful information!

Protect Pets

Please, PLEASE, be sure your neighbors know how wicked the weather is about to get and remind them that most Texas pets are simply not acclimated to this type of cold weather because it's so rare here.

If you see a stray pet out these next couple of very cold nights, please consider inviting them in for a warm meal and a place for the night and sort out finding the owner on the morrow.

I have a stray momma cat I've been feeding for nearly a year.  She's given me her kittens but can't quite bring herself to come inside with them.  I've provided her with a suitable outdoor crate that is well insulated but I may well offend her dignity tonight by netting her when she comes for dinner.  They sense what wicked weather is coming but sometimes it's up to us humans to insist for them if they are within our circle of love and simply too afraid to take the help we offer.

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