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Missing Pet Network.  Let's get pets back to their HOMES.

  • The MPN is a group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals. It accepts no money, makes no endorsements, and uses no advertising on their MPN web pages.
  •  If you have found a pet, you may list it with MPN.
  • If you have lost a pet, you may list it with MPN.
  • Please urge your state and local lawmakers to urge or mandate that their shelters and NPOs also list foundling pets on the MPN and contribute to MPN's efforts to GET PETS HOME.
  • How great would it be if EVERY missing pet across the country were in 1 centralized location or at least a single network?  One stop pet saving!
  • I consider returning pets to rightful owners to be the first and foremost step to No Kill efforts as well.

10 Rules of Online Engagement for Kicking and Screaming

NAIA now has a BLOG! Yippee!

Every state needs a MoFed!

Just because I link them:

'Cause I saw it on and it disappeared! 

There's animal welfare and responsible environmentalism and then there's the animal rights and environmental activists, the pernicious nonsense.  It SHOULD be about what's best for US and the animals and the environment we all share with each other and the animals.  It SHOULD be about balance and science and critically thought through solutions.

Nasal Ranger, a gadget that sniffs for you (and more accurately than you do).

Ten Code, in case you ever need to know what Ten-Ninety-Six means when an officer says it on a radio.

Some of my favorite haunts:

HSPCA Archives, messy but there.


Think City Hall Should Get A Tax Hike? You Might Think Again After Seeing How Crappy It Treats Its Taxpayers. By Jim Schutze

FEAR Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

Grits for Breakfast

LA Animal Watch

Food Fight:

Homegrown Evolution


Cyber issues:

My favorite place to start legal research;;;;

US Constitution and (haven't checked the second one out thoroughly yet)

ABA map of attorney Bar Associations

ABA Resource Center

DIY Law (I'm so very proud of them for having successfully fended off the legal profession's attempts to shut them down!)

Trial Practice Tips Weblog


ABA Animal Law Committee

Animal Law Section of SBOT

Vet Victims


Often useful

Over 1,000 libraries across the United States are Federal Depositories which means they house many books and documents intended for public access.  For example, South Texas College of Law (STCL) is a federal depository.  If you ask them, they say the library is for students and lawyers; however, they are required by law to permit access to the Federal Depository items and, once in the door, if one behaves as one should in a library, they will let you roam and research; ask nicely and sound like you're reasonably informed and you can even get a research librarian to help.  You can locate Federal Depositories at and more info at

NOTE: Law books are always expensive but the ABA and state bar associations will take anybody's money and most of them have on-line stores now.

The Way Back Machine.  I know I saw it on the internet.  I have the link! but now it's gone.  You might be able to find it at The Way Back Machine.  Info here and search here.  Would you like your materials preserved for posterity?  They might do it if you ask; send your request to

Dog Aware

I Like Your Attitude

from Tortiball's Why we’re in this

  • I am vehemently opposed — at my core — to the violation of the Constitutional rights of American citizens.
  • I am vehemently opposed to the overrun of government – and quasi-government, or government-sponsored agencies – into the civil liberties of American citizens.
  • I am vehemently opposed to the wrongs that PEOPLE inflict on other PEOPLE.
  • And I am vehemently opposed to allowing duplicitous, and yes, hypocritical, organizations such as PSPCA to continue to dupe people out of their hard earned money thinking that they are “helping animals” when they are actually funding the continued mismanagement of a behemoth, out of control organization that has become mostly about stroking the egos of the people who run it.

How odd to live in an era when we need to spell this out but we do and nicely done at that!

"This site exists solely for the benefit and amusement of myself and a few other like-minded individuals."

I love honesty!

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