Animals Have NO Rights

I just attempted to post a link to a blog on this topic to Facebook only to be informed that the item has been flagged as "spam" which is most certainly is not. Please share through your email contacts as FB is blocking a fine blogger!

When you attempt to post this link on FB:

You will probably get a warning box indicating it has been flagged as "spam". Please click the "let us know" that designation is error box at the bottom and identify the item as a blog entry, give the url, and let them know you are a regular reader or know the blogger, if you do.

Sadly, while Mark Zuckerberg (FB founder) is learning about slaughtering his own food, his staff is allowing animal rights activists to set the agenda on Facebook.  They set up hate pages to flame and are permitted to hide behind them anonymously as a "cause" and they are permitted to gang up on everyone else by stomping on their "report" buttons. IF Facebook is to become what Zuckerberg wants, he should certainly remember that we ALL have the right to speak out and his staff needs to find a way to stop the bully behavior by Batshit Crazy Activists that are trolling Facebook!

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