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Murder via Rescue

"Police: Man killed son, self... Williams and his wife, Cynthia Williams, bred Great Danes at their former home in Wilson County. Sheriff’s deputies raided the property last year and seized more than two dozen dogs, claiming animal cruelty and related violations. A judge threw out the search warrant…

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29 Dogs Thieved by Cochise County, AZ

The following timeline was created from information in the 2 linked articles:

  • 12/20/2007: “Marjorie "Heidi" Tipling, a technician at the Pencin Veterinary Clinic in Willcox and a member of PAKS [People Assisting Kindred Spirits]” plays "surprise shopper" and visits the Ratliffs’ home.
  • 3/31/20…

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H1N1 Vaccine RECALL

The news of the day is 800,000 doses of h1N1 vaccine for children being recalled.  No harm done they say; just shoot the kids up again and maybe one more time after that... and apparently they have no idea why these doses dropped in quality but, you know, it's all still safe despite what they can't …

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Snow in Houston?

My new home is NE of Houston and, like most homes in this area, not really designed for freezing weather, let alone SNOW.  That's without considering its damage from the last hurricane, Ike, but then that's why I got a great deal on it.  I'll be spending today and tomorrow doing a few things to get …

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Live Vaccines still Common

Just a footnote to the previous entry.  We all get exposed to live virus vaccines, directly or indirectly and regularly, from humans, cats, and dogs.  Humands: "Examples of live vaccines include: Viral: polio vaccine (Sabin vaccine), measles vaccine, mumps vaccine, rubella vaccine, chicken pox v…

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Vaccinated Without Your Knowldege? PROBABLY

You, your family, and your pets may well have been or are about to be "vaccinated" and exposed to H1N1 whether you want to be or not.  It's a well known and understood phenomena.  It's called Contact Immunity.  We're supposed to be comforted by words like immunity and vaccine but I'm not because I h…

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Flu Vaccine Safety

Playing With Pittie Gets Woman Shot!

By now some of you are wondering why I'm so cynical about what gets reported in the media around here.  We have a case of actual reporting this morning so I can show you what underlies my skepticism.

2 women playing with a "Pit Bull" dog are seen and heard by a La Marque (Texas) police officer who …

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7 Years Between Rabies Vaccinations, Help Make It HAPPEN

Please pass this along to every pet owner and rescuer you know.

Most of us knew the Rabies vaccine worked for 3+ years long before the law caught up.  In fact, we "know" it actually works for much longer.  To get the laws changed so we can stop OD'ing our pets and putting them at repeated risk while …

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Pfizer gets Hand Slapped

Pfizer agreed to have its hand slapped AGAIN.  If they're playing that fast and loose with the rules about human medications, you really gotta wonder what's going on behind the scenes with their animal medications: vaccines, Anipryl, Revolution, Nemex, ...  And then there's the "wonder drug" Rimadyl…

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