Linda Geffin, Victim or Karma?

"Assaulted in her home as she slept one Saturday afternoon, government lawyer Linda Geffin was beaten senseless by an unidentified intruder who left her skull cracked and bleeding, an eye blackened and massive fist-sized bruises on her chin and chest.
"The still-unidentified assailant neither robbed nor raped her..."

Linda Geffin, often referred to here as Attila the Prosecutor.  I find myself struggling to find compassion for her since I never saw one iota of that FROM her for the animal owners she persecuted and thieved animals from.  When Harris County was largely done persecuting animal owners, Geffin moved to torturing those alleged to have committed "nuisances" with the exceedingly heavy hand of government and a bent to take or threaten to take their property...

The article blathers on about "human trafficking" but that is just the latest mostly hate and fear mongering name the government has given to justify seizure and forfeiture of property.  Perhaps Geffin pissed off a really, truly "bad" person.  Unfortunately, I think it may be even more likely that she sent some decent human being completely off the deep end with one of her persecutions, err..., prosecutions.  Well, like many abusers, Geffin likes to portray herself as the victim...

While she, with the backing of the county's budget and the support of an entire office staff AND the resources of the Houston SPCA at her disposal, went after a small family business, that of the Gracia family who raised some birds on the side, and brought full forces to bear; on the Gracia side of the table, were 3 volunteer lawyers and piddly blogger me.  Geffin portrayed herself as "besieged by a community of bloggers and electronic message board participants that she said have cast her and the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as villains".

Geffin is NO victim at the courthouse.  Like all too many prosecutors, she tortures and torments with no regard to the law or truth or justice.  Still, no one deserves to be assaulted and abused in their own home... Still, Geffin has certainly participated in doing just that to untold numbers of people in Harris County Texas.  So I struggle to find some compassion for her and can find little.  Karma's a bitch and I can only think it jumped up and bit her.

And perhaps our government which is increasingly out of control and bent on treating us all like less than citizens of the Crown we turned away from more than 200 years ago would do well to consider the consequences of continuing to escalate violence against us all.  Whether they are taking our animals or shooting our dogs in the street or forfeiting the money we have in our pockets while on the way to an auction or shooting innocents while executing warrants at the wrong location...  It's all symptomatic of the same disease; a government wildly out of control and a growing population of those hiding behind government credentials who think they can do as they please with impunity.

Eventually, the oppressed and persecuted begin to strike back.  Maybe Geffin was attacked by a truly bad actor, perhaps it was just another random crime, or maybe she got back some of what she dished.  If the government wants the citizenry to behave in a civilized manner, it would do well to set that example.  If the government wants escalation to war in the streets, it need only continue escalating and we will eventually get there.

The animal rights activists are growing fond or promoting violence to get their way and so it seems is government generally.  Keep it up and you will turn many to violence in response.  The populace will endure a lot but eventually...

As a youth, I remember a detestable person who died and the community literally inventing a person in memory that bore no resemblance at all to this dead person in life.  While my mother explained the phenomenon, she also pointed out that one need not comply with this custom.  If a person is detestable in life, they do not become less so simply for having died or suffered some tragedy of their own.  Linda Geffin, Attila the Prosecutor, become a victim?  Perhaps. Surely she will be portrayed that way even if it turns out her own wrongful actions lead to her assault.  My opinion of her has not changed simply because of these events, especially given that the article uses it as a promo for the government to continue its and perhaps escalate its "human trafficking" efforts.

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