No Hayfeed for Dogs = Cruelty

Apparently, the SPCA of Texas (SPCAT) and/or the Van Zandt County Sheriff has a new food requirement for dogs: hay, "seized 16 donkeys, 6 horses, 5 cows, 3 miniature horses, and 2 dogs ... what few hay bales that were found on the property were inadequate to feed all 32 animals. "  32 would include the dogs so I guess we all need to start feeding our dogs hay to avoid seizure.  Wonder if we just have to make it available to the dogs or if we're required to force feed it to them.

"all were transported under the authority of the SPCA"  WHAT frigging "authority"???

Other than that, same old thieving SPCAT in my opinion.

See HSPCA isn't the only only thieving organization on my blogger "hit" list :)

Back later with another installment on the Gracia seizure but just HAD to bring this breaking news of new mandated via SPCA for for dogs to you ASAP.

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