Missing Pet Network (MPN)

Missing Pet Network.  Let's get pets back to their HOMES.

  • The MPN is a group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals. It accepts no money, makes no endorsements, and uses no advertising on MPN web pages.
  • If you have found a pet, you may list it with MPN.
  • If you have lost a pet, you may list it with MPN.
  • Please urge your state and local lawmakers to urge or mandate that their shelters and NPOs also list foundling pets on the MPN and contribute to MPN's efforts to GET PETS HOME.
  • How great would it be if EVERY missing pet across the country were in 1 centralized location or at least a single network?  One stop pet saving!
  • I consider returning pets to rightful owners to be the first and foremost step to No Kill efforts as well.

The foregoing has been permanently added to my Links page. Please pass along.  Let's get as many pets HOME as possible so the only animals in shelters are ones truly in need of homes and there are fewer grieving owners who may wait to adopt another.  Their missing animal going to someone else actually reduces the number of animals in homes.  You see, a searching or grieving owner is unlikely to adopt but, of course, willing and eager to get their own pet back.  The happy person who has adopted their pet would have adopted another.  It's a 4fer!  One happy pet goes home to one happy owner and another happy pet goes home to a happy new owner.

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