Heat Sick, A Chance to Read

I try pretty hard not to whine about my health because it doesn't make me feel any better to do so but I have to admit this heat is just kicking my butt!  19 of the last 21 days we've been under a heat warning and I'll swear that warning was fully justified.  I spend 5 minutes outside with a dog and it's like the atmosphere just sucks the energy right out of me; spoons just disappear (no worries if you don't get that reference :).  I don't really mind this low energy state so much these days as it gives me an opportunity to catch up on what other bloggers are talking about out there.  Thought I'd share some of my favorite places to visit with you and hope you'll add your favorites in the comments.

A Patriot's Voice from the Past on dancing with dogs.

Lucy5sense is a new blog and I think you're going to like her style!

Grits for Breakfast is on vacation so it's a good time to catch up and he's left us a reading list too.

Feline Provocateur (who introduced me to Grits).

Michelle...Life in Rescue

Animal Culture


Animal Control Watch

HumaneWatch, of course :)

Texas Ag Talks and you should be listening and joining your state and local Farm Bureaus.  They are speaking out now and we should add our voices to theirs if we expect the same from them.  Texas Farm Bureau Membership and you can find yours on this map.

Here's a couple of items worthy of bookmarks in my book:

KC Dog Blog on AC Door to Door Sweeps

Terrierman on The Veterinarian Dependency Model

FEAR has lots of information on civil seizures generally.

After FEAR seems a perfect place for this little video:


You simply MUST learn to Flex Your Rights.

My link page is probably always going to be messy but I'll always be looking for goodies to add to it so now it's your turn to tell me where to find your favorite blogs and websites.

And may the heat wane with the full moon!

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