HPD is Thieving Guns Now?

I am incensed, completely INCENSED with the Houston Police Department (HPD)!  "Evelyn Maxey said she noticed several horses trampling through her yard and after several attempts to divert the unwanted animals" so she got out her gun and shot a couple of times in the air; not at the animals, mine you - in the air.  She lives in Acres Homes and lord knows she's definitely on her own and ain't no one gonna come running to assist her; certainly not the HPD!  Ms. Maxey is 89 years old and she knows how to survive.

Now maybe she shouldn't have fired off that gun BUT what annoys the dickens out of me is the HPD and its usually gross overreaction to a situation.  Come on, she's 89 years old!  Write her a ticket!  Oh, no, of course not.  "Police arrested the 89- year-old woman for discharging a firearm.  Maxey spent ten hours behind bars before posting bail.  Maxey's family said she did not have a permit for the gun, which police confiscated."  "Still, she was handcuffed and spent 10 hours in jail before her family posted the $500 bail around 3 a.m.  'I thought it was awful,” said Gloria Jones, Maxey’s daughter-in-law. “There wasn't a need to take her to jail.'...  Maxey’s family said she has nine kids, some 30 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren, 25 great-great grandchildren and three great-great-great grandchildren."


FYI, one does NOT need a permit in Texas to have a gun on one's own freaking property!  Come on you jerks at HPD.  You've already harassed this woman ENOUGH.  89 years old in Acres Homes and surviving despite HPD's piddly efforts in the area.  You should deputize her and recruit 20 more just like her in the area!

The charges have finally been dropped.  Now give her damned gun back you HPD THIEVES!!!!

Of course, HPD is above taking emails, don't cha know.  Fortunately, the City of Houston Mayor is not.  I hope Mayor Annise Parker has 400 emails tomorrow demanding that HPD return Ms. Maxey's gun by end of the business day and they should toss in an apology for having taken it in the first place!  mayor@houstontx.gov

Permit?  PERMIT?? For a gun in your own home in TEXAS?????  WTF??  I am just outraged that they are taking guns from private citizens by alleging permits are needed when they are NOT.  That's just plain thievery and there's no other term for it!  Come on out to my place you jerks.  You can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead hands.  Permit my freaking ass!

I was sitting here considering giving up cigarettes when I read that story and snatched up a smoke.  If I do decide to give it a try, quitting that is, I bet that'll just do wonders for my patience.  (PS: Don't even think about cheering me on to quit.  That would be VERY counter-productive.  I promise. :)

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