AlphaTex Needs YOU

Were all of the AlphaTex animals cruelly treated? NO. Were ANY of the AlphaTex animals cruelly treated? NO. So says a unanimous jury.  Today, in west Texas, a team won a huge victory for all of us, human and animal.  But this fight is far from over and YOUR help is now needed.

"The six-person Randall County jury decided no cruelty had occurred at the kennel located near Aiken and that the close to 200 animals seized almost four months ago by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department should be returned to Mark and Sandra Smith."

The Smiths and their attorneys, Paul Holloway and Jessica Casenave-Skinner, have done an absolutely incredible job in defending their (and all of our) constitutional rights to own and keep animals without a summary taking by the government being allowed to impinge those rights.  The rest of us are at less risk every time an owner wins the right to make the decisions for their animals without the type of draconian interference that was imposed on the Smiths at their AlphaTex Kennels.  The Smiths have their civil judgment for return of their animals but NOW those who took the animals simply MUST be held accountable.

The Smiths have already filed their federal lawsuit and each and every one of us needs to pitch in every penny we can to help that suit be successful.  Lawsuits are EXPENSIVE.  The Smiths do not have that kind of money, most of us don't.  When lawyers like these are willing to front their TIME, the least the rest of us can do is help fund the actual costs which can easily run into the tens of thousands.  Every time we help fight back lessens the chances of someone knocking on our doors and deciding they can let the media and a bunch of untrained volunteers trample through our homes on a mission of death and destruction of our lives and those of our animals.

Three of the Smiths dogs were summarily killed during the raid.  "three dogs euthanized the day of the six-hour seizure.  Smith said one of those, Comet, suffered from hair loss due to a thyroid problem, not mange as was speculated. Another euthanized dog, Morgan, had been kicked by a horse, while another, a black German shepherd puppy, had a hard time walking but was on the road to recovery and was to be adopted by former AlphaTex employee Rebekka Terrell."  This was NOT "euthanasia" which is the killing of an animal to prevent suffering.  This was blatant wanton killing of their dogs without consent, without any rational basis at all.

Time for each of you to step up and help; to make a commitment to give what you can now and commit to making a gift toward this case each and every month until it is won and these killers are held as fully accountable as possible.  If you own animals, your rights are on the line too.  No excuses, make your gift today and every month hereafter to protect us all.  Go to Assisting AlphaTex Kennel Owners for updates, to make your gift, and PLEASE share this with everyone you know and encourage and cajole them to pitch in.

"First they came for.. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me."  If you own animals, they are coming for YOU.

You need to speak with your voice and your dollars or there may be no one to speak for you.


The info to pitch in contributions is at Assisting AlphaTex Kennel Owners

But a friend has asked me to add it here too:

Contributions to fund the case against Floyd County, TX (and in support of all owners and their rights) can be sent via mail to:

Jessica Casenave
207 E. 6th St,
Plainview, Texas 79072
Please note AlphaTex on your check!
or via Paypal to  Please send contributions through Paypal as a "gift" and note AlphaTex on them.


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