Sorry Everyone

It's been a comedy of errors and Murphy's Law around my house for a few days.  Started with the dog food and, hours after I posted that, the AC decided to freeze over due* to a sudden increase in humidity from a temperature drop (pop up storm #1 and daily since).  Today, AT&T internet and Murphy have been in cahoots most of the day and I find it difficult to draft with pop up thunderstorms, a storm phobic dog, and intermittent internet service (well, that's almost normal but it was completely down for about 6 hours today and more "intermittent" than usual the last few days; probably related to the storms) that keeps me from researching as I draft.

I shall return, higher powers willing and I'm pretty sure they are.  My life works a lot like a bankruptcy law practice; cash in full up front.  I'm paying now so the goodies will arrive when the higher powers decide I've finished paying :)

*Dang and now I can't tell "do" from "due". What a day!

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