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Snake on a Porch

Not just any snake either.  This was a female tiger rattlesnake.  And it was amongst a batch confiscated from someone somewhere.  Wouldn't you think it would make the news, blogs, something if a dozen or more VERY venomous snakes were confiscated?  If it did, I haven't found it yet.  What DID make t…

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Wink Wink

Some days I think most people lack a basic understanding of the concept of property and of ownership.  Today, I’m sure of it.  We’ve been chatting here about the Gracias and how the HSPCA and others simply trampled all over their real estate.  The claim was that the property and the animals appeared…

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No Hayfeed for Dogs = Cruelty

Apparently, the SPCA of Texas (SPCAT) and/or the Van Zandt County Sheriff has a new food requirement for dogs: hay, "seized 16 donkeys, 6 horses, 5 cows, 3 miniature horses, and 2 dogs ... what few hay bales that were found on the property were inadequate to feed all 32 animals. "  32 would include …

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Convicted After Death

When one dies, I don’t think one retroactively sprouts wings and becomes an angel in life.  I don’t have even a tiny problem speaking ill of the dead if they were nasty people while alive and I’m even inclined to dancing on graves, literally.  Although we do often find out more about people after th…

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Invaders and Trespassers

Do you think that someone who would blatantly trespass to land and even criminally trespass, try to hide it by pointing out the elements of trespass and then slipping up to admit having committed trespass, would be truthful – even under oath?  What if their job depended on them lying?  What if the j…

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Does Prosecutor Linda Speak “Fact” or Rhetoric?

As many of you have already heard, the Gracias have perfected their appeal to County Court.  If you’ve been reading my blog entries on this case, you know I have shown complete distain for Prosecutor Linda Geffin from the Harris County Attorney’s Office.  I am completely disgusted with her and her o…

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Raiders and Rescuers

During the hearing about the Gracias' animals, the defense counsel used the term "raid" with regard to the search and seizure of the Gracias' animals.  Prosecutor Linda got all huffy and objected to the search/seizure being characterized as a "raid".  SURELY Prosecutor Linda, Chief of Special Prose…

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The Bear-Bear Tragedies

Houston SPCA

HSPCA is my topic but before writing of them, I think it only fair that you all know some of my personal philosophies that are pertinent.  I firmly believe that we will never see things truly improve for animals generally without a great deal more education.  More than that, I don't see how things c…

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Gracia Hearing Day 5

So, the hearing got underway and Prosecutor Linda, who requested they each submit briefs on the 5th Amendment, didn't turn in her homework.  The defense did.  Prosecutor Linda then put them all through the drill of putting each of the Gracias on the stand to have them invoke their 5th Amendment righ…

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Rescued to Death

"SOUTHWEST,VA~ALERT 28 CHI's AND CHI MIXES TO BE SEIZED TOMORROW NEED RESCUE COMMITTMENT BY 8 AM TOMORROW"  "We have been advised by AC that tomorrow 28 chi's and chi mixes will be taken from a local hoarder/breeder. Our local shelter can accomedate 30 dogs, presently they have 34. This means a…

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Gracia Defense Funding Update

Defense funding includes everything from legal fees, to bonds, to session transcripts, and other costs.  The Gracia family has not requested assistance, but they stand to lose much - including the family home they've worked years to acquire.  HSPCA's fees for animal care totaled over $14,000 last we…

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AFA 2010 Convention

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to all the aviculturists headed to the AFA 2010 Convention in Florida.  I understand most of you headed out on Thursday and Friday.  Learn much and share what you've learned (including what you've seen in the courts), make new friends, and have a great time!  Come…

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Gracia Hearing Day 4

Updated below...

How do you keep a defendant from winning?  You simply refuse to even enter a judgment!  This is the hearing that will not die because the prosecutor and a teeny, tiny judge won't let it end.  At the prosecutor's suggestion, the judge has requested both sides to present written brief…

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Gracia Hearing Day 3

From our wonderful court observer, Daniel Sigmon:

Greetings All,

I will do my best to weave a narrative for you from the day in this
installment of what is turning into the trial of the century it seems. I was
only able to be present in the morning. The information from the afternoon
is taken from t…

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Gracia Hearing Day 2

Guest Post by Daniel Sigmon of Hearing Notes for Day 2 of the Gracia Hearing (the Judge arrived at 10:23 AM):

OK Folks, here we go. What a day. I felt like I was watching Perry Mason or

I arrived just a little late at around 10:30 to the courtroom (life happens).
The SPCA "Investigator" […

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Gracia Hearing Day 1

Guest Post by Daniel Sigmon of Hearing Notes for Day 1 of the Gracia Hearing:

Greetings Folks,

I was at the trial until almost the end of testimony yesterday, Friday, July 23.  We left after a brief recess just before 6:00 PM.  The vet that was testifying for HSPCA would be unable to return so exam…

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Gracia Defense Funding

If you'd like to contribute funds to help defend the Gracias, please send them to:

  • Jennifer Gaut, Attorney
  • 510 Bering, Suite 300
  • Houston, TX 77057
  • 713-974-8841

Staged Evidence

The Gracia hearing goes on.  Continued to Wednesday at 9 AM.

Pictures don't lie but people do and sometimes they do so by staging the pictures they take and then claiming they "fairly represent" something they don't represent at all.  Once in a while, they even videotape themselves staging the scen…

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Trial By Ambush

I have spent the last couple of days trying to find a way to find the judge in Gracia seizure case to be a little bit reasonable but I just haven't seen it yet and here's why.  The animals were seized on a Thursday to ensure that the hearing would be held in less than 10 days because days 9 and 10 f…

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