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Low on Sales Stock?

Well, it looks like Houston SPCA's pet store got low on stock so they had to go snatch some more animals in salable condition.

"An anonymous tip..."  BIG surprise there!  NOT!!!

"birds, along with dozens of dogs, rabbits and hamsters..."  NICE selection!  That should fill out the HSPCA store's var…

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News of the Weird Rescuers

They consistently call this dog "he"...  "Big E" has been spayed and neutered...  REALLY???  I sure hope "he" finds a home with a responsible pet owner because I have doubts that the people who have him right now are the least bit competent.  If you don't understand my meaning, you might be an anim…

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Mean Girl or Athena, It's a Choice

In the last couple of days, I've commented elsewhere on the Mean Girls from high school that we all knew.  Mean Girls do not grow up.  They grow older and resent it.  They grow into mean, nasty, vicious, controlling, vindictive, manipulative girls but want the world to see them as beautiful, caring,…

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Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue

People fascinate me and often I have more questions than I can find answers to.  Who or what is Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue (GHHR)?  You see, there are these 47 horses that were seized from a private owner (I'll come back to that story later) and they are being held by the Collin County, TX officials a…

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Kudos and THANKS to Dan Christensen

161 Dogs Rehabbed in Under 16 Days. REALLY?

Have you ever thought of rehabilitating an abused dog?  It's a noble thing to do and it's a whole lot of work.  "Rehabilitation is a very slow process," said Nicolini.  Indeed it is.  First are the critical medical needs.  Nearly every rescued dog has worms and deworming is about a 3 week process …

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More Dog Killing by LEOs and MORE To Come In the Future

From coast to coast, officers are shooting dogs and consider themselves justified in these killings.  Here's a small example of the ones posted on YouTube.  How many dogs or other animals do officers shoot/kill?  We'll never know.  That this many are caught on video or covered by the news should tel…

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Judge Dale's Tuesday Hearings

It appears old Judge Dale schedules his animal seizure civil hearings at 2:00 PM.  Tomorrow, he has 3 on his docket at 2:00 PM.

  3. CV11C001…

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Here Comes the Rubber Stamp Judge

Dead Dogs

It is now “illegal” in Texas to neglect dogs by failure to get extraordinary veterinary care for dogs (owner care is inherently insufficient); to admit one breeds and sells dogs; to preserve dead dogs as is done by veterinarians until disposal.

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Good Intentions and Dumbass JPs

"I believe Mr. Vonda started out with good intentions," said Judge Hale.  "But at this point he is in over his head and cannot care for these animals properly."  Properly?  WTF??  What the hell kind of standard is that?  It damned sure doesn’t look like any standard set forth in Texas statutes, tha…

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FL 261 Update, Killing to Rescue

The Florida 261, Another Rescue Group Attacked

A dime bag of oregano.  In “A Few Good Men”, the attorney for the guy who bought and smoked a dime bag of oregano plea bargains it down to a “C Misdeamonor” and 15 days restricted duty as the punishment.  That scene makes me angry every time I see it.  The attorney refers to his client being an “idi…

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Official Oppression Escalating

ABQ police shoot a dog for looking at them while the police are trespassing and a Denver couple is hauled to jail for failing to answer their door at 8 AM on a Saturday.  The Albuquerque police get an anonymous call and...  "A police sergeant on the scene says police truly feared someone was bein…

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Burning Devils and Pagans

I see the Dow closed below 10,000 today.  Told y'all so!  I'm so glad I got completely out of "the market" a few years back.  Seriously guys, just take a look at the 5 year chart on the Dow.  We've actually had no real growth of anything with inherent value in this country for probably more than …

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HSUS Gets Muddy

People think HSUS spends its money to care for animals.  It doesn't.  Only a minuscule portion of their millions goes to hands on care shelters and their own "network of animal-care facilities"; 4 "shelters" in that network.  Ain't that impressive?  At least when folks tell you they DO have animal s…

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Good Fences Make for Neighborly Behavior

Although I’ll focus on Texas, those of you elsewhere might want to check your own state and local laws and case law on this one because the “good fences” concept isn’t exclusively ours (although we like to claim it so).

Now down here in Texas, we have a long and proud heritage of protecting …

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Rubber Necking at Investigative Scenes

Now that I’ve ragged on the media, including the media hounds in animal rights activism, for the grossly inaccurate media stories they publish on animal seizures; it’s time to mention this.  I’ve also ragged on the media, including the media of ARA, on a number of occasions for their invasions of pe…

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How Did That Happen?

Mastiffs Shot in Animal "Rescue" Raid

Somebody asked me recently what happens if the police want to execute a warrant and you aren't home.  (Of course, we know what happens if you are home.  A child may be executed by the police.)  Turns out that if you're not home, they may start the animal "rescue" process (likely any warrant executio…

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