Low on Sales Stock?

Well, it looks like Houston SPCA's pet store got low on stock so they had to go snatch some more animals in salable condition.

"An anonymous tip..."  BIG surprise there!  NOT!!!

"birds, along with dozens of dogs, rabbits and hamsters..."  NICE selection!  That should fill out the HSPCA store's variety nicely for a while!

"From what we understand, (the owners) were selling them to pet stores,“ Nandlal said.  And we sure wouldn't want HSPCA to have any competition from other pet stores!

"do have water — it's not fresh"  THAT's pretty damn vague.  Fresh as in filled in the last 5 minutes?

"The cages were covered in filth and spider webs."  Hell, this is Texas.  Every morning my property is covered in dust, crap, and spider webs that have floated in, been spun during the night.  Some of us aren't afraid of NATURE and it's DIRTY.  However, it isn't the least bit harmful generally.  How the hell does good old dirt and spider webs present a health hazard?  Oh, I know, the spiders eat the pests.  Oh, oops, that would be a benefit rather than a hazard!  Wouldn't want any natural pest control, would we?  Must use chemicals and destroy the earth rather than let animals live near a spider!  Must scrub up every speck of dust hourly.  Must follow the animals and catch poop and pee as it comes out.  PLEASE!

"Many did not have food or water for the animals being held"  Do you freaks have any idea how GROSSLY inappropriate it is to leave food out for animals 24/7?  Water bowls go empty too and have to be refilled.  Some animals will even make themselves QUITE ill with 24/7 access to water.  DUH?!  Oh, sorry, OF COURSE Meera Nandlal and HSPCA know; they just use these inflammatory statements to justify thieving other peoples' animals to stock their sales shop.

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