Judge Dale's Tuesday Hearings

It appears old Judge Dale schedules his animal seizure civil hearings at 2:00 PM.  Tomorrow, he has 3 on his docket at 2:00 PM.


Judge Dale's early docket is at 8 AM and that means he wants to be DONE by 4 PM at the latest.  It's just how the JPs are.  Last Tuesday, the Houston Chronicle reported that 161 dogs were seized and the hearing would be tomorrow in Judge Dale's court.  Kinda has to be item 3 on the docket but that's pretty incredible, isn't it?  How much "investigation" did they do if they missed the headcount by more than 2/3rds?  How much "investigation" if they didn't know who the owner was?  How did they meet the specificity requirements for a warrant to name the persons and places to be searched if they had so LITTLE information from their "investigation"?  Did they make ANY attempt to verify their anonymous tip or did they just take it at face value and make up the rest?  Or do the prosecutors and investigating officers just lie like dogs on the paperwork to get what they want and/or hide the true nature of cases to play hide and seek with the court files?

Sounds more and more like they just said: Oh, dog breeder, sells at flea markets, MUST-  GO - SEIZE!

On case #3, "Claim Amount: $0.00"  I'll bet you a doughnut that's not what the prosecutor claims in court tomorrow!  After the hearing, Houston SPCA will be whimpering about how they'll never collect the outrageous amount they were awarded and they'll be begging for your donations.  Down the road, the prosecutor will quietly file criminal charges and make a deal for probation; PROVIDED the defendants PAY the Houston SPCA and the State.  That's how it's done guys.  I'd call it double dipping at best by HSPCA.  In my opinion, it's down right fraudulent to seek donations from the public to care for seized animals when they grossly overcharge and when they know this drill down pat; that they'll collect far more than it actually cost to tend the animals and THEN will sell them.  Hm, sounds more like triple or quadruple dipping to me.

Let's say each one of those dogs could be sold at $100 (and that's a nominal price if you've ever priced dogs; shoot, most SPCAs charge more than that for "adoptions"/sales), and this owner is subject to the loss of $16,100 worth of property in court tomorrow; not to mention the disruption to her business and a judgment that SPCA will seek for their few days of caring for these dogs at rates that rival what the Hilton Hotel charges.  $16,100+ of property summarily seized and very likely will be summarily forfeited (can't be much more than a summary hearing if he's got 3 in under 2 hours) tomorrow basically because the raving animal rights activists have decided that breeding dogs is inherently abusive.  Remember what Houston SPCA said about these dogs which was that they were "removed for general neglect and medical issues".  If they miss estimated how many dogs were there by over 2/3rds, clearly they couldn't have had a clue what condition the dogs were in, let alone their "medical issues" prior to the seizure so it rather has to be simple disapproval of breeding, doesn't it?

And look at the names of those from whom animals are being seized.  Do I see a trend here of seizing from minorities and the elderly?  What's up with that?  Oh, yeah, forgot for a second that prosecutors like kicking "cripples"; often seems the only way they can "win" and they certainly want that more than fairness and justice if appears.

Summarily and permanently deprived of property and excessively charged for temporary care of evidence.  This is NOT the United States I grew up in where fundamental property rights were respected, WERE protected.

You know, JPs also handle evictions in Texas.  I wonder if Judge Dale so blithely deprives real property owners by letting tenants stay on for free.  I'll bet not since those landlords likely fund his campaigns and slush funds!  If individual property owners (owners of both real and personal [pets, vehicles, furniture, livestock...] property) would just take over the JP elections, this could all change in a single election cycle.  Just elect JPs who respect EVERYONE'S property rights and not just those of the few, the select, the landlords.  Just a thought...

Well, if anyone wants to head for the hearing tomorrow, Judge Dale's court is located at 7300 N. Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX 77091-2437.

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