Dead Dogs

It is now “illegal” in Texas to neglect dogs by failure to get extraordinary veterinary care for dogs (owner care is inherently insufficient); to admit one breeds and sells dogs; to preserve dead dogs as is done by veterinarians until disposal.

seized “after receiving an anonymous tip

Actually, per Texas statutes, not one of those things is close to grounds for seizure or forfeiture of animals.  This is theft of property and deprivation of fundamental property rights without due process of law.  I have made my initial entry on this case short for a reason; to make the foregoing point clear.

You can see some of the dogs here and they appear to be reasonably healthy.  I don’t even see neglect apparent in these photos.  “Precinct 1 Constables seized… [from] north Houston home”.

If you’re reading this, I BEG you to do 2 things:

  1. Email a link to this blog entry to every lawyer you can begging them to become aware of the losses of property (animals) due to these seizures which results in deaths of animals in over crowded shelters as well as the deprivation of fundamental property rights and due process.
  2. If you have contacts in North Houston, please try to find out who the owner of these dogs is and give them this link and some encouragement to fight back for their dogs.

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