News of the Weird Rescuers

They consistently call this dog "he"...  "Big E" has been spayed and neutered...  REALLY???  I sure hope "he" finds a home with a responsible pet owner because I have doubts that the people who have him right now are the least bit competent.  If you don't understand my meaning, you might be an animal rights activist rescuer!

"For several months local rescuers have been trying to help a stray dog who has taken up residence behind the Cochran Chapel United Methodist Church at Midway and Northwest Highway."  The church pastor has finally lost patience because nobody's caught the dog to remove it and he's started to threaten to shoot the dog, well, actually, to hire someone to shoot the dog.  The "rescuers" have basically commandeered the Church's property as a home for the dog until... well, until whenever.  And they are starting a huge push to get YOUR support for their efforts They prey upon your sympathies by describing the elderly "rescuers".  Um, well, I'm not sure this bunch is terribly qualified to be rescuers if they can't snag this dog after MONTHS and, beyond that, BY WHAT RIGHT do you people think you can commandeer other people's property for your rescue efforts?

These women are NOT "understandably distraught"; what they are is dictatorial and seeking public support for their crimes of repeated trespassing.  It is the church pastor who has every right to be distraught.  It is his job to care for the property and see to the safety of his parishioners.  He has no obligation whatsoever to turn the grounds into a sanctuary for this dog and a "curious" large dog wandering about would be considered a hazard by MANY if he is getting close in his curiosity.  Now, you bunch of dictatorial flakes should check your attitudes, beg for one last chance to snag the dog, and GET the JOB DONE.  Then all of you need to get in a booth and confess your sins and crimes against the church and pastor, beg forgiveness and do penance!

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