Mean Girl or Athena, It's a Choice

In the last couple of days, I've commented elsewhere on the Mean Girls from high school that we all knew.  Mean Girls do not grow up.  They grow older and resent it.  They grow into mean, nasty, vicious, controlling, vindictive, manipulative girls but want the world to see them as beautiful, caring, and kind.  They ooze sugary syrup from one side of their mouths and spew poison from the other; hug you with one arm while stabbing you in the back with a knife in the opposing hand.  They are Roman Medusa; fair visage hiding the monster beneath.

When one gets so close to the truth that they are uncomfortable, they ooze that sugar attempting to draw one in while claiming not to care; must always have plausible deniability for down the road back stabbing.

Boo,just want to drop you an email to tell you I hope you have a lovely day.I am a driven woman as you are though we go in opposite directions.I admire you!  You are a warrior woman , Made of Steele and lace. Strong ! Just like me.. I am so sorry you feel as you do about what I do.My husband and I have used our retirement fund to finance our rescue for years and years. We started needing   more funds when the county brought  5  severely emaciated horses  and a donkey with foot long hooves that no one me... They will not and have not helped us with 1 penny.I do not do my website my self so it is hard updating regularly...I try to update as often as I have time on Petfinders. I actually started this rescue effort as a way of keeping a promise to a friend. Her name was Copper Penny  ,she was a registered QH. I got her for my 12th birthday.The people who sold her to use were scared of her.She would charge anyone who came into her pen.I love horses so much It never occurred to me to be afraid of her.She did her charge pattern at me too,but  I promptly slapped her on her beautiful,soft nose. She adored me from then on! She took on me to  chase butterflies I in the flower fields   to shaded areas to eat my bean dip n fritos....She took me far away from teen problems .In essence she saved my life and my sanity..Things got tough for our family and dad sold her when I was 14.She was sold to a meatman supposedly to be used as a feedlot horse to round up cattle.Sadly my sweet,good,friend  ended up dying a horrible death.The slaughter house owner's son went to school with me .He gave me heart breaking details of her death.I promised her I would do everything in my power to make sure I save as many as possible.It is a hard thing to do sometimes,but I love horses and want to help them!I care naught what you say about me.  To BOO-- send you blessings abounding.I send you love,peace and all wonderful fruits. Flowing to you like a river.  The people who have you on their side are lucky.. I wish you LOVE....Blessings abound Ramona  of Gypsyheart

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---- End of message.

Ramona, I fight for the long term survival of property rights AND animal lives.  We are nothing alike as your short sighted blithering, bungling efforts will lead to the loss of both rights AND lives.  Ramona, do not bother with your childish, immature emails to me.  I have a Gorgoneion on my shield and have known how to recognize the Gorgon for decades. 

Gorgon, Lamia, Lilith are just a few of the names of the Mean Girls known throughout history.  I've known all too many of them and long ago chose to follow Athena's path.  Athena, "goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, crafts, justice and skill".

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