Kudos and THANKS to Dan Christensen

"Charges against a Turner County dog breeder have been dropped... state is unable to proceed to trial because of two things: the court ruled that the raid on his farm last September was illegal and evidence taken was tossed out. The state filed an appeal, but that too was denied."

THANK YOU DAN CHRISTENSEN FOR STANDING UP FOR YOUR (and our) RIGHTS; for showing them to be the lying, thieving mob thugs that they are.

"When Second Chance Rescue Center and the Humane Society of the United States raided Dan Christensen's farm last September, they illegally took all of his hunting dogs, but also took Christensen's livelihood."  "So now Christensen and his attorney are trying to decide whether to sue. "  PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE sue them into oblivion.  I know you've already been through so much but PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, WITH SUGAR ON TOP sue them!

"Radke says now that the criminal case is over, the next step is getting the dogs back.  'We want some type of a flow chart or a spread sheet from the state explaining where each and every dog ended up,' Radke said."  Then you probably will have to sue them because I don't see them coughing that up even if they could, which I doubt.  Animals just disappear into the Humaniac black holes and there's ZERO accountability for what they do with the dogs they snatch up.

"KELOLAND News tried contacting Rosie Quinn of Second Chance Rescue and officials with the Humane Society of the United States, neither returned our calls."  Suddenly the media sluts don't want to return calls?  How very wonderful!!!

Does everyone know that these animal rights activists work from a master playbook only slightly modified for each state and local jurisdiction?  Yeppers and that means that if one is doing illegal raids, they probably ALL are.  And why was the raid illegal?  Oh, no, it wasn't a "technicality" at all.

"According to court papers obtained by KELOLAND News, Judge Tami Bern ruled Second Chance Rescue Director Rosey Quinn intentionally mislead the court by withholding information from an August 27 inspection that showed the dogs appeared okay.  The judge says Quinn testified that she was specifically directed not to disclose that information to the court in order to obtain a search warrant for Christensen's property."  That's called a lie by omission and it is every bit as much a lie as a lie by commission.  Swear to tell the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth.  It doesn't say tell selective bits of truth!

Next time you buy/"adopt" an animal from a shelter, remember that you might be buying stolen property; an animal loved and cared for by someone and thieved from that loving home for profit by HSUS and its buddies.  Remember that THIS is how Mr. Christensen's dogs were WRONGFULLY portrayed:

More Than 170 Dogs Rescued In Turner Co.

Published: September 2, 2009, 3:56 PM

Officials with the Humane Society of the United States say they have rescued 172 dogs from an alleged puppy mill in Turner County. Second Chance Rescue and the Turner County Sheriff's Department assisted with the rescue, according to a news release from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).
"These animals were clearly lacking proper medical care and socialization, and were kept in constant confinement their entire lives," senior director of Emergency Services at The HSUS Scotlund Haisley said in the release...
The rescue team removed all of the dogs from the property and transported them to a temporary shelter set up by United Animal Nations, The HSUS and Second Chance Rescue.

Please note how the earlier “news” reports have a list of links at the bottom while the newest exoneration kinda leaves those out.  Note how the media began to change its tune as the case went from “rescue” to “illegal search”.  I give them credit for continuing to cover the case but I damned sure won't call those early stories journalism.  The "breaking news" above was worthy only of a tabloid, a rag.

More than 9 freaking months of everyone's lives sucked up because of a LIE.  Mr. Christensen had to sell land and other property to fight back against this INTENTIONAL LIE; his life and livelihood "decimated".  And it could happen to YOU too.  Your home could be raided TONIGHT when someone like Scotlund Haisley with HSUS Come a-Knockin'.  Can you afford to fight back?  If not, you better get off your butt and help put a stop to this crap before HSUS knocks on your door.  Don't you dare think they only go after people with double digits of dogs.  I watched 2 cases a couple of weeks ago where 1 case involved a single dog and another one adult dog and her puppies, 6 animals in total.  In both cases, the owners just didn't quite live up to Houston SPCA standards.  Standards with which they themselves do not abide when animals are in THEIR care.

Rescued my ASS.  These dogs were stolen.  Not only should Mr. Christensen sue but we should all be demanding criminal prosecution for all involved in this seizure and firing of the prosecutor who pursued the case with such vindictiveness and all based on a LIE.  We should be demanding revocation of the non-profit statuses for every single group that laid a hand on these dogs or provided financial support for them.  This inhumanity to humans, this theft of property crap, needs to STOP and it needs to stop NOW.

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