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Hot & Noisy Out There

463 children have died from heat exhaustion inside cars and trucks” since 1998.  “So far this year, 18 children have died in cars…”  You can just about bet that the number of pets dying in hot cars is up too and fireworks will be blasting soon near you if they aren’t already.  Independence D…

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Real Costs of the PACT Act

For a while, internet cigarettes were largely delivered through UPS.  Then the standard became USPS.  Now that option is allegedly gone.  DHL anyone?

Smokers who were buying over the internet aren’t likely to start running to the corner store again.  They’re going to run to the internet and find …

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Airline Stupidity About Pets Flying Continues to Grow

Selective Blindness Leads to 3 Deaths in Dallas

David Brown Jr., son of Dallas Police Chief David Brown, “shot and killed 23-year-old neighbor Jeremy McMillian, then Lancaster police officer Craig Shaw before police killed him” but that’s the end of the story and the rest of the story is leaching out slowly.  Back in early May…  Yeah, weeks ag…

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4 HPD Officers Indicted 7 HPD Officers FIRED

More Dog Killing by LEOs and MORE To Come In the Future

From coast to coast, officers are shooting dogs and consider themselves justified in these killings.  Here's a small example of the ones posted on YouTube.  How many dogs or other animals do officers shoot/kill?  We'll never know.  That this many are caught on video or covered by the news should tel…

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YOU Could Be Raided TONIGHT

Based on "anonymous" tips, a raid ensued.  Whether you are accused of a minor drug violation, animal abuse, or some other crime by an anonymous source and no matter how minor the crime allegation, you can expect this is what you and your family may face these days.  This is how law enforcement will …

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LaGrange MO Police Torture and Kill Frightened Dog on Catch Pole

This dog was accused of being vicious.  She was so vicious that the person she was allegedly aggressive toward was able to chain her up and feed her to await the police.  She alleged growled at a child and the woman who chained her.  The police arrive, approach her, leash her and walk her off camera…

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Holiday Inn Plug

Came over to check something and saw a Holiday Inn advertisement over my blog.  What a pleasant surprise!  You see, I usually log in before looking to avoid seeing the advertisements because I don't expect to see ones that won't irritate me and, of course, I don't get paid anything for those ads so …

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18 Month Quality Control Failure

"Campbell Soup Co. is recalling 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs with meatballs... manufactured between December 2008 and June 2010..."  You didn't to a Quality Control Check for 18 months?  WTF??  "about 35,000 cases"  Don't know exactly how much you produced during that 18 months?  Gee, guess I s…

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Smokers Were Right! And BP is DEAD Wrong!

Cats Don’t Get a Pass

I was practically born one of the cat ladies; given my first cat when I was 3 and was rescuing them by my teens.  Back then, we let cats AND dogs run at large and it wasn’t much of a problem.  Best I can tell, the critters had more street smarts back then and so did the humans.  If your dog or cat m…

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800,000 Tax Dollars

Dog falls into rushing water.  Owner jumps in after dog.  The owner was Harris County Deputy Eddie Wotipka and his family may get an extra $800,000 because he didn’t bother to “clock out” before rushing to attempt to save his dog.  HUH?

I totally understand what he did.  I would probably ha…

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Mental Patients Used by HPD

Resisting Unlawful Arrest and other unlawful acts by government

Graham’s Glass House

Government Gets Passes for Itself Over and Over

Judge Dale's Tuesday Hearings

It appears old Judge Dale schedules his animal seizure civil hearings at 2:00 PM.  Tomorrow, he has 3 on his docket at 2:00 PM.

  3. CV11C001…

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Dead Dog (cat, and other animal) Disposal

You know something is a “hot” topic when eHow has an article about it.  What to do with dead pets has become a hot topic.  For most of us, dealing with a pet’s remains is a rarity.  For those who work with animals, it’s a regular task.  Veterinarians deal with dead pets OFTEN because many of us leav…

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Frozen Dead Guy Lives On and On

There are many, many things one can do with a dead body. Grandpa Bredo died in 1989.  He's currently hanging out in a TuffShed in Nederland, Colorado, and the Frozen Dead Guy Days annual festival celebrations have resumed.  Check out a little celebration going on at Grandpa Bredo's digs:


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