Government Gets Passes for Itself Over and Over

Officer tasers man who falls and hits his head and dies.  Yep, counts as ANOTHER taser death in my book!

When approached by Local 2 Investigates, some constable department leaders admitted they are not even sure their radars have been reading out accurate speeds due to loose policies, lost paperwork and questions about the calibration of radar machines used to write speeding tickets throughout Harris County.

"To me, I'm embarrassed," said Camus. "When you find out about it, you fix it," he said.  His department removed 100 radars from patrol cars, fearing they have not been calibrated properly.

Gee, when one of US finds out about a law we didn't know about you all sing the "ignorance is no excuse" song and write us up!  You're going to "fix" it?  What a load of BS.  Like you're going to get the courts to refund all the funds for all the ILLEGAL tickets you wrote.  Yeah, uh huh, sure I believe that - NOT!

Deputy constable broadsides a car.  Wanna bet he somehow blames the other driver?

Executed man may get exonerated.  "San Jacinto District Attorney Bill Burnett, who died unexpectedly..., had assisted in the prosecution and had blocked the hair’s release [for DNA testing]. He had argued that state law only allows a defendant to petition for DNA testing and that there was no legal avenue for him to do it."  Yeah, rules are so much more important than truth that the DA has been fighting for a decade to keep the truth from being investigated.

The Dallas Animal Shelter has been having air conditioning problems since April.  "England said many of the shelter's air conditioning vents are blocked with dirt or debris, restricting what little air the animals get.Dallas Code Compliance Director Joey Zapata:  "It's ...  78, 80 degrees or so."  I wonder if he'd be so tolerant if a private animal shelter waited until the week after 97 degree outdoor temperatures to fix an air conditioning problem that's existed for well over a month.  I doubt it.

I've always held myself to a higher standard than I expect of others.  I simply don't understand people who hold others to a higher standard than they hold themselves to.  It is rather apparent that government employees to not share my viewpoint.  No wonder I never fit in at the 3 federal agencies I worked at; never could do the "do as we say, not as we do" gig.

Sure seems the government is all over any of us when WE break the rules but quite forgiving of itself; even ignoring inconvenient rules and laws.  I sat in Dictator Dale's courtroom this afternoon and watched the thieving of over 160 animals from their legal owners.  It was a sad, pathetic example of a broken system presided over, in these cases, by someone looking far more like Jabba the Hut than the last time I saw him nearly 15 years ago.  He may have gotten a law degree and a license since the last time I saw him but he's still the same ignorant slob who held me and my disabled client hostage in his courtroom for an entire day to argue over a case he had NO jurisdiction over whatsoever.

It's a wonder there aren't many more agoraphobics in the US.  We should probably all be hiding behind our walls with guns at the ready to protect ourselves, animals, and other property from the likes of Jabba the Hut and his animal snot cops.  Well, more on Dictator Dale later...

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