Resisting Unlawful Arrest and other unlawful acts by government

In the United States, several cases in the US Supreme Court have found that an illegal arrest is tantamount to a violent crime itself as though it were being committed by any other civilian, thereby making the right to self-defense applicable in such situations.”

A police officer attempts to arrest 2 women for jaywalking.  A struggle ensues and the officer punches one of the young women with considerable force in the face, knocking her backward and then manhandling her.  All caught on a cell phone’s video.  Deputy Chief Nick Metz of the Seattle Police Department says: “Regardless of whether or not you think an arrest is lawful… that does not give you the right to resist that arrest.”

It would behoove all officers to ensure they are making lawful arrests because Nick Metz is WRONG.  As the officers I adored in my youth taught me, officers may have the power and must always ensure they have the authority as well.  Being in error on this point entitles the citizenry to FIGHT BACK.

Officers should never take on more than they can handle as the officer in this case did in attempting to arrest 2 people by himself for the absurd charge of jaywalking.  Rich O’Neill of the local police union defends the officer but also says: “Let's put the accountability where it needs to be…”  Yes, indeed, let’s do that.  If the officer permits a situation to get out of control or takes on a situation that is likely to escalate, it is the officer who is accountable, period.

In this case, “The American Civil Liberties Union, citing Seattle Police Office of Professional Accountability reports, said Seattle police have a long history of escalating jaywalking citations into force situations.”  That indicates the police are intentionally escalating, flexing their muscles, being abusive.

The recent video comes on the heels of an April incident in which a Seattle detective was caught on video stomping on a Latino man as he lay on the ground. The detective was heard telling the man he was "going to beat the (expletive) Mexican piss out of you, homey."  More indication of police gone wild in Seattle.

"If … they had an abrasion or scrape or whatever, oh well," O'Neill said. "They should have thought of that when they put their hands on the officer."… Asked about how police would move forward with the community, O'Neill said there's always room for further education and dialogue…  “… I think good things happen when people are talking to each other,” he said.  Ok, O’Neil, listen up you asswipe you because you definitely need some educating!

WE have the right to defend ourselves against abuse from officers.  It is the officer’s job to DE-escalate and perform their jobs in as non-violent a manner as possible; their job to keep the peace, not to commit crimes under cover of immunity.  Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer's life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529.  See also A citizen’s right to resist UNLAWFUL arrest.  (I can’t believe I just used a Ron Paul link but he’s dead on with this topic.)

Metz and O’Neil, understand this well.  Some of us will be injured and die but some of yours may also die from your IGNORANCE if you continue to encourage the officers to escalate the violence as you are currently doing.  It would behoove you to teach officers that they only have the authority to make LAWFUL arrests and to use REASONABLE force which does not justify escalating.  They shouldn’t walk away but they can DAMN SURE step back and take a breath while calling for backup!  There is NO excuse for this officer’s behavior.  He escalated and committed assault far more violent than any he was experiencing which was also his responsibility for having bitten off more than he could chew.  The force he used was FAR from reasonable and I suspect he had the call on whether to arrest or write a citation.  If he opted for arrest, then it’s probably his piss poor judgment responsible for this entire mess.  (And I'm assuming he had a right to arrest for such a BS charge as jaywalking although he may not have had such at all.  If he didn't, well then... Straight up unlawful arrest and I can tell you that I'd have felt in fear of my life with the rapidity of his escalation and would have reacted accordingly.  You guys aren't the only ones who can fear for your lives and defend with deadly force.  Might want to think about that just a wee moment or 2.)

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