YOU Could Be Raided TONIGHT

Based on "anonymous" tips, a raid ensued.  Whether you are accused of a minor drug violation, animal abuse, or some other crime by an anonymous source and no matter how minor the crime allegation, you can expect this is what you and your family may face these days.  This is how law enforcement will treat you.  Watch closely.  Hear the screams of a dying dog.  Note the mother and young child who have been awakened by strangers who broke through their front door with a ram under cover of darkness and who drag them across their home to cower in terror on the floor in the hallway.  I expect this young child can see his pet dog dead and perhaps the other dog, a Corgi, who was also shot and injured in this raid.

This is NOT law enforcement.  It is a home invasion!

During the raid, they found a grinder, a pipe, and a small amount of marijuana.  They don't say what kind of grinder.  Hell, I've got several kinds in my kitchen and another one in my shed!  How many of you have a coffee grinder?  I have mortars and pestles too.  A pipe?  Again, no description at all.  Yep, I got one of those too.  My grandfather's pipe rests gently on a shelf.  I have some niffy gator clips as well.  One is on an tiny telegraphing pole; one of the niftiest tools I've ever picked up for getting something tiny in or out of a location my fat fingers can't get too.  I picked quite a few of these items up at flea markets and second hand shops and there's no telling what kind of "residue" the decorative ones many have on them either.

Is this how you think any American resident should be treated based on anonymous tips?  Is this how you want your parent, child or cousin treated?  Is this the memory we want children to have, of seeing their homes invaded by armed men and women in uniform and shooting their pets to die before them?

How about the rest of the story?  In under 5 minutes, these "officers" have left trauma for this child that the child will live with FOREVER.  They never tell what happens when the raid is over.  The raiders, the invaders, pack up and leave.  In this case, they probably left the wife and child to deal with the ransacked home and the dead body of their pet; to deal with the broken front door which leaves them unprotected from even the most nominal opportunistic criminal.

All you have to do is tick someone vindictive off and they make an anonymous tip.  That's it and the above scene could be in your home.

They might not even be looking for you or your family members.  In the raid where the child was set aflame and died, they were in the wrong house.  In another recent case, they searched a grandmother's home and shot her dog who was closed in a bathroom.  The dog was 13 years old and she says the dog would not even have recognized the grandchild they were looking for because he hadn't been there in that long.

The more of these home invasions they do, the more likely they are going to be in the wrong place and/or make other mistakes.  Humans make mistakes.  The above could EASILY be YOUR home.  If you're lucky, they will only kill your dog because shooting long arms (rifles, shotguns) inside a standard home means bullets flying right through walls.  In apartments, those bullets fly right through walls into OTHER homes.

If you're thinking it's a 1 in a million chance, you're dead wrong and you or your pets may be dead when it happens or maybe it will be your child or grandchild who dies.

There's much more to the above story, including a community awakening, and other stories I mentioned but that's for another day.

Today, the question is will you wait until they burst through your door or kill an animal or even a child that YOU know and love?  Will you let someone you know stay blissfully ignorant of this risk until they die or live to see their pets and family gunned down before them by law enforcement?  Will the family of someone you know be able to say "I had no idea that could happen"?  OR will you spend some time at your computer to email them until they understand the risk?  Will you speak to your neighbors too?  Yes, you risk them thinking you're paranoid or crazy but isn't that better than the guilt you'll feel if you don't try to warn them?

This CAN happen to you and the odds of it happening are going up with every passing day.  Get involved today!

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