Graham’s Glass House

“Most of Afghanistan is not governed in an effective manner where you have an honest police force and a functioning, non-corrupt government…”  Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina, says to General David Patraeus who agrees.  Sen. Graham has anyone ever told you that chunking rocks while living in a glass house isn’t wise?

I had the BS national “news” playing on TV in the background while working on my blog entry about Dictator Dale and while considering additional blog entries flaming the Texas Supreme Court for its utter failure to monitor, let alone adequately control its lowest courts or provide fair hearings with representation for both sides; maybe another scorching entry for the failure of many, including SBOT, to curb abusive prosecutors.  In the background I hear a US Senator that is clearly far more concerned about cleaning up someone else’s country than our own which has the same problems and is already experiencing increased violence as local police and government officials escalate violence against the citizenry and residents who will inevitably have to roll over or fight back.  We have our very own growing oppressive movement akin to the Taliban, probably at least 2 of them, and the rest of us are caught in the crossfire already.

How very sad that it is left to us little bloggers to speak out on these huge issues that affect our everyday lives while the US Congress cares only for nation building abroad and the “news” is anything but?  Ah, well, it seems to be the way of things for now so I’ll get back to writing my rant about Dictator Dale…

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