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Obama: STOP Spending Our Money ABROAD

I'm not unsympathetic to disasters but, hang it, we've got our own to fix and it's expensive.  First we rushed in to "help" Haiti which is inevitably going to piss on us for the efforts.  Now, "The U.S. "will be there" if Chile asks for rescue and recovery help after a powerful earthquake struck …

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Census or Survey?

The badge says "Census Bureau" but are those census questions they are asking you?  The "long form" is a survey, NOT part of the official Census and it asks for VERY personal information and they threaten to jail you if you don't "cooperate"!

Of course, most media is urging "cooperation" and a…

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My Saturday Morning Gripes

I read the Houston Chronicle on-line last night and was reminded of what our Texas officials are really made of…

A former West Texas sheriff's deputy has received a prison sentence for his part in a multistate methamphetamine distribution ring.”  Sentenced to a piddly 3 years.  “The Lubbock jud…

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Changing the Rules, Part 1

As children, we learn that there are rules and most of them are fairly simple.  Most of what is in the U.S. Constitution and even the vast majority of laws trends toward is those very basic rules as well.  It is how we “play fair” with each other; it tells the government it must “play fair” too.  Di…

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FREE US Constitutions

A friend kindly sent me the link I couldn't find in my earlier haste.

You can get a single free copy of the US Constitution or order very cheap but excellent copies right here.

I'll also recommend a trip to their sister site here and to go and read Criminalizing Everyone.

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Petland, Uncle DAS wants YOU!

Where do I file my Cruelty Complaint?

I saw a poor little white mouse in a cage, suspended inside a trap, being used as bait for a big snake.  If the snake shows up, the poor little mouse is going to be trapped in there while the snake strikes at him repeatedly for goodness only knows how long (hours, days?) before someone comes to get …

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Hiding the Ball, On mere neglect (or less) but being convicted of cruelty

In law there are many forms of the game “hide the ball”.  Most often, it refers to a discovery of evidence game.  One party asks for something and, if they don’t ask “just right”, the other party doesn’t have to cough it up.  If you ask for too much, it’s called a fishing expedition and you still do…

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Snow? Again? SERIOUSLY?

"Snow Coming Tuesday... This would be the third time it’s snowed in southeast Texas this season; the last time that happened was in 1973."  I've lived in SE Texas off and on since 1988 and believe me when I tell you this is WEIRD and COLD weather we're having this year.  At least one dog owner ha…

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Go Feld, Go FELD

After winning by getting the case against them dismissed, Feld Entertainment (the parent company of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus) has turned the tables and filed a RICO suit against their former accusers.  Just check out this list of defendants:

  • The Humane Society of the Un…

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My Hat Tip to Responsible Dog Breeders

My admiration for competent, responsible dog breeders is growing exponentially this week!

In mid August, I picked up a stray (probably dumped) dog who'd been wandering near the corner store all day.  I took out ads in the local papers hoping she might be lost and her owner would turn up and took her…

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Humane Watch

I know my fan base so I can't imagine that ANY of you aren't already camped 24/7 on the revived Humane Watch website but, if by some chance you aren't, you should check it out FREQUENTLY.  Get over there and catch up and then make it a part of your morning routine.  This morning, see "Hey Everybody,…

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Nasty Geeks

As long as there have been geeks, there have been nasty geeks.  Nasty geeks are the ones who create evil programs that cause problems for us all and it seems the nasty geeks have been more active of late than usual; at least it seems so to me.  I've had 2 laptops infected with wicked Trojans that co…

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Yellow Tail Wines is NOT Forgiven

In a statement to ABC News, the managing director of Casella Wines, John Casella, says the company will look to non-political groups in the future.”  That’s nice but you’ve already done significant damage to animals EVERWHERE.

I’m inclined to forgive individuals who get sucked in by HSUS a…

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Mourning Another Walking Wounded Suicide

Legal Abuse Syndrome

  • Oppression and abuse of power are injurious to the health of the victims. Domination by abusers of bureaucratic power threatens the very functionality of the public and private sections in our country.
  • Victims are not self interested, narcissistic folks who sit around and wallow in their losses. Th…

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Bears, Bears, Bears & 9AM Hearing

Jeffrey G. Kozlowski, Bank Robber?

“Jeff Kozlowski robbed the bank in Dalton WI in the early 1990's and was in prison for the armed bank robbery”  Some things catch your attention.

Jeffrey G. Kozlowski was charged with theft of movable property greater than $2500.  This charge was amended up to armed robbery which was then pled …

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Dallas Loses Gorilla (Again)

Every few years, the Dallas Zoo loses control of one of its big critters.  Today’s gorilla escape was an internal affair because Tufani didn’t get very far and the media is quick to point out that “the public was never in any danger”.  Funny, no matter the circumstances, I’ll bet they put a d…

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Fencing TIRADE

A little over a decade ago, I picked up my first portable chainlink dog kennel.  OK, so at 6’ high and 6’ X 10’ it wasn’t very “portable” but I really loved it and got 2 more of these kits as my home was under construction and the ability to move the kennel from one area to another as the constructi…

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