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Sniffing for Due Process

War, Murder, and Justice

EMTALA for Pets Please

More Cell Phone Surveillance Coming

Double Jeopardy or Not

What does Double Jeopardy mean if they can still try you all over again years after an acquittal?  I won’t begin to claim to understand the fine points of criminal law since my practice was all in civil law but, of course, law school forced me to learn the basics and this case that Harris County pro…

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Systemic Failure of the Judicial Branches

Wrongful conviction, the ultimate sign of a criminal justice system’s breakdown and failure, has been documented in too many cases,” the decision said.  In a 4-3 decision, the highest court for the State of New York, the New York Court of Appeals (think Supreme court if you don’t live in New Yo…

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8 on 1 Cops Pummel Handcuffed Suspect

Pro Per and Pauperism

Cop Watching

"cell phones, surveillance cameras and other video equipment often used to assist police are also catching officers on tape, changing the nature of police work"

"Some say cameras are exposing behavior that police have gotten away with for years."  Yeppers and I'm loving it!

"Minutes after a subu…

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More financial problems for USPS

The feds passed the PACT Act.  PACT is short for Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking.  It was named to get popular support and it did.  But it doesn’t just concern cigarettes but a significant portion of tobacco products.  However, it does NOT include all tobacco products.  It’s still OK to mail cigar…

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Legal Abuse Syndrome

  • Oppression and abuse of power are injurious to the health of the victims. Domination by abusers of bureaucratic power threatens the very functionality of the public and private sections in our country.
  • Victims are not self interested, narcissistic folks who sit around and wallow in their losses. Th…

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Time to SHOCK the Cops!

The “story” on this one is less than clear.  There’s been little coverage of this case but these three seem to comprise the best I can find on the net.  The 2 print news items do something I find annoying and that’s to take a story out of its timeline and do so clearly to put a spin on it while maki…

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Fined $750 for Keeping Found Puppy

Ah, yes, some things cut both ways.  Find a puppy and refuse to turn it over and you may get fined $750 in New Zealand!  Did you notice how their media put that "poor little rescuer being punished" spin on the article?  Uh, excuse me.  Ya go around saying the puppy isn't yours and asking for help t…

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26,400 Critters Thieved Under Color of Law

Let me start by saying this case simply doesn't pass the sniff test in many areas and I don't think we have anywhere near the whole story yet.  The first report I saw referred to taking "custody of.. creatures from... U.S. Global Exotics, a multi-million dollar business... The collection includes s…

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Hygiene Hypothesis; Kids SHOULD Eat Mud Pies! And live with PIGS too.

I am an only child.  My mother was divorced before I was a year old.  It means my mother got her druthers and I grew up in a house that was nearly sterile.  In those days, I was called a Clorox Kid.  My mother had been a pretty sickly kid and had grown up on a farm with all the “nastiness” that invo…

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Assize of Bread and Ale

Somewhere between “market forces will fix all” and dictatorship lies reality.  We tend to want to think we’re so civilized that there are some basic truths, some fundamentals that the overwhelming majority agree upon but the reality is that we’re packs of dogs.  Probably since the beginning when peo…

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You Can’t Take It Back

We do an incredible disservice to our children by teaching them their rights but not their responsibilities, not even the age at which they may be held criminally responsible or what to do if they are accused of doing something illegal.  In the US, a child as young as 6 may be held criminally respo…

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Leave Tiger Alone!!!

Police Gone Wild

If you don't live in Texas, don't think this doesn't concern you.  It may already be happening in your area and,  if it isn't it is probably come soon so please read on when I start blogging about local LEO activities.  Feel free to comment on what goes on where you are as well.

"Texas ranks numb…

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Am I Free To Leave?

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand these rights?  

You have the right to SHUT UP.  I strongly suggest you SHUT UP.  The simple truth is that, if you are pulled over in a vehicle or stopped on the street …

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