Legal Abuse Syndrome

  • Oppression and abuse of power are injurious to the health of the victims. Domination by abusers of bureaucratic power threatens the very functionality of the public and private sections in our country.
  • Victims are not self interested, narcissistic folks who sit around and wallow in their losses. They are courageous individuals who face their pain and care to right the wrongs. They participate in the collision of evil and good as it is classically intended in order to achieve balance. Denial is popular, but far less responsible.
  • Trust is a social staple that must be protected just as earth and water must be protected to provide for survival. When trust is damaged the community suffers and society as a whole will eventually falter and collapse (Bok). Veterans of crime must exude zero tolerance for lying in courtrooms, lying in political campaigns, lying to cover-up, and deceptions through omission and nonperformance by public officials and public servants.

Ms. Huffer found that many victims of the legal system suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She identified this as Legal Abuse Syndrome, brought on by the abusive and protracted litigation, prevalent in our courts. According to Ms. Huffer you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome if you feel deeply disillusioned and oppressed as a result of your experience with the legal system; if you feel you were frustrated in obtaining justice; if you feel your dreams and plans for your life were torn from you by a system that is supposedly there to protect your rights and property; if you fear that the system will defeat you at every turn and there is nothing you can do about it, and if you feel that you have been victimized several times over, by the perpetrators, by lawyers, judges, bailiffs and other court personnel. As a consequence you may suffer from tension and anxiety, recurring nightmares you may feel emotionally an physically exhausted, numb, disconnected and vulnerable.

A central point of Ms. Huffer’s book is that the victims in America are not only assaulted by crime, but also by the abuses of power and authority administered by tax dollars intended to provide due process of law for the protection of civil rights. Ms. Huffer observes that not only does the justice system move slowly, but delays are used as strategy by attorneys to weaken their opposition economically and emotionally and to provide hefty fees for attorneys. Ms. Huffer notes that when courts fail as a consequence of officially sanctioned wrongdoing it leaves victims and vigilantes in its trail. The rage of these victims accumulates when they are not provided a satisfying place to turn to. She concludes that the enormous betrayals and inefficiencies that make up bureaucratic post-crime experiences are literally attacking the emotional health of the nation.

That was written a few years ago and things have only gotten worse.  With electronics have come the ability for governments to become more and more abusive.  Too many have crossed the line into being outright thugs, the equivalent of mobsters with more power than mobsters could ever have hoped to hold.  IMO, most governments from the smallest to the largest have become a form of organized crime syndicate and the courts an integral part of the crime, they are the collectors, the knee breakers.  The thing is that they leave wounds that are so very visible and yet totally invisible because they are scars to the soul where the scar tissue continues to grow.

Yesterday, I wanted to blog on the seizure of Julius von Uhl’s elephant and great cats.  I also wanted to blog on Affidavits of Pauperism and Inability to Pay; one of those legal things that most lawyers seem oddly hesitant to use for NO good reason.  (I can assure you that the legal system can make the most solvent of us paupers within days.)  But some days my own LAS/PTSD get to me and yesterday was one of those days and today seems to be one too.  So I thought I’d just mention the LAS for those of you who may also be suffering from these knee capping events by judicial officers.  In fact, the judicial system has become so obviously abusive that I know there’s a whole audience of you suffering from LAS/PTSD just from the trauma of knowing you may be on the “hit list” of the judicial system.

From family court custody cases to home foreclosures; whether they seize your property under a drug law, for eminent domain to build a shopping center, or for alleged animal cruelty; it’s all the same heavy handed abuses.  How have we allowed such a small portion of society to become so powerful over us all?  It really is a very small portion of society doing this form of abuse and I wish I had a simple answer for fixing it.  I don’t.  History tells me that society will finally get fed up and rise up but it also tells me that often is as disastrous as the original problem and I wonder if it’s even possible in “1984”.

In the meantime, I take a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that others see what I see and keep trying as the decades go by.  You can find one list here.  If you’re in Texas, check out this website.  ATRA publishes a list of Judicial Hellholes every year and it’s no surprise that the Rio Grande Valley (along with the Gulf Coast area) of Texas made the 2009 list (the Rio Grande Valley would be where Barbara Hoffmann was for an earlier judicial abuse).  Those are the worst of the worst but the general awfulness is expanding exponentially it seems to me.

For more on LAS, you can hear an interview with Ms. Huffer here and see her website here.  Sadly it appears the website hasn’t been updated for several years…

I just wish we who despise these abuses could found a political party, an umbrella group, something that brings us all together to speak as the one huge group we really are to affect real change without a civil uprising.

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