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Leaping Lizards

In reality, the lizards are falling, comatose, to the ground in Florida due to the sudden arctic cold that has moved in.  It is the humans who are leaping out of the way as the lizards fall and some who are leaping to their rescue.

You rescuers who are saving those lizards be very careful down ther…

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Time to SHOCK the Cops!

The “story” on this one is less than clear.  There’s been little coverage of this case but these three seem to comprise the best I can find on the net.  The 2 print news items do something I find annoying and that’s to take a story out of its timeline and do so clearly to put a spin on it while maki…

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Necropsies and Knee Jerk Criminal Charges

Necropsy shows dog died of neglect screams one headline.  Whoever devised that headline should be ashamed, ASHAMED.  That headline is sensationalized AND fictionalized.

On this issue of necropsy, what has been reported raises more questions than providing answers.  Who performed this necropsy?  No…

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1 dead, 3 at risk, 5 dogs seized; HUH? But who’s mostly to be blamed?

When I was a child, my mother was in graduate school and we were living in graduate student housing.  A neighboring couple’s child died in the night.  I remember the hostile and angry faces of the medical team and investigators who clearly presumed the parents had somehow contributed or caused this …

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BOYCOTT “MINE”, a film about Katrina pets

“MINE” opens today in San Francisco, CA.  May it crash and burn for lack of an audience!  I will not put one penny into the AR arsenal.

Disasters are a part of life and Hurricane Katrina was a tremendous disaster, to say the least.  Phenomenal amounts of property were lost but much also surviv…

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Ady Gil Damaging Antarctic Ecosystem

Sea Shepherd, the owners of the Ady Gil, call themselves conservationists and it makes me blind with anger because I am a conservationist.  “Conservationists advocate for the protection of all the species in an ecosystem with a strong focus on the natural environment.”  I’m a rational conservatio…

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PETA Peeves White House

DO NOT SUPPORT List; VOTE with your wallet

If you're stopping by to see an update on City of Arlington's seizure of U.S. Global Exotics' animals, scroll down and stop back by - much more to come.

In the meantime, a little update on the people who supplied the Ady Gil to Sea Shepherd.  First, the "rescue boat" was the Bob Barker, donated by,…

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Lies and Darned LIES; SPCA and the “media”

On the front page of the SPCA of Texas website, one of the blurbs says “JUDGE AWARDS CUSTORY OF 26,411 ANIMALS SEIZED IN DECEMBER TO THE CITY OF ARLINGTON”.  Of course, this is a blatant LIE.  The judge said no such thing in his order AND he couldn’t award custody of all the animals seized beca…

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2010 The Year to FIGHT BACK; Sinking of the Ady Gil

I'm not a fan of whaling but I am a fan of seeing thugs get slapped back!  Around the world near Australia, there's a little war over whaling going on.  And there's this group called Sea Shepherd that has appointed itself to harass and abuse the whalers who may indeed be breaking the law.  HOWEVER, …

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PETA Fools of the Year

PETA has announced its annual People of the Year naming Ellen DeGeneres as their Woman of the Year and Tim Gunn (chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne), Man of the Year.  Sooooo many who support PETA claim to care about animals so I have dubbed these people “fools” because, if they care for animal…

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Ruling on Seizure from U.S. Global Exotics is In

The judge has ruled.  I think he has erred on multiple counts, starting with the fact that the warrant was directed to Jasen and Vanessa Shaw instead of to the corporation U.S. Global Exotics, Inc.  There's simply no excuse for the City's agents to have made that error as 5 minutes on the internet w…

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Humane Police or Armed THUGS?

 “We have to protect not only our staff and the animals, but other people that come here,” said Midge Grinstead, executive director of the animal shelter.  I happen to firmly believe that the U.S. Constitution grants us all the right to “keep and bear arms”, period.  That belief is becoming mor…

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Death Camp? WHAT???

Linda Frank, an attorney for Arlington,… described the Oakmead Drive business as a ‘death camp’”  As I read the words "death camp" in quotes, I did a double take and reread them.  Then I read the entire article and reread those words several times as they are there in the article, in quotes…

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15% Dead in 2 Weeks of “Humane” Care!

3,627 reptiles and 293 small mammals have died”  “Attorneys from U.S. Global said they were ‘extremely alarmed”  I’m right there with you!  The animals are dying at over 1% per day, each and every day apparently.  That is alarming and horrific.  And to have been expected by anyone who k…

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