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Seizure of Exotics, 5 days (but nearly 2 weeks) On

We start with a business in the trade of small exotic animals that has been in business for 11 years.  This business has been subjected to inspections by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and by U.S.D.A.  Other than a couple of minor recent paperwork violations that have been alleged (but are so far unproven),…

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Howard Golman, PI?

Arlington Seizure Update

And the hearing goes on...

"PETA paid him $135 for each day he [Goldman, PETA paid witness for the prosecution] turned in a report while working at the firm as snake caretaker."  And surely it's inherent and apparent that PETA isn't going to pay for reports that don't say bad things, isn't it?  Near…

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Canadian Exotices Need Your Help TODAY, Pass It On

"Gary Oliver owner of Cinemazoo/Urban Safari Rescue Society" was served with eviction notice 2 days before Christmas.  "His landlord told him last week he has to be out by Monday."  Of course, they've been taking in exotic animals from others and the economy has finally caught up with them too.  Sur…

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Clifford Warwick, Published or Perished

A few items from or about Warwick:

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Clifford Warwick, Expert or B.Bs.D.?

In the seizure of U.S. Global Exotics hearing, a “health specialist testified …  Clifford Warwick, a reptile and public health specialist from England”.  Warwick is “one of several experts brought in” and he deserves some special attention.

Whenever I encounter someone new, I check the a…

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Lovely Little Christmas Trojan

I'd planned on getting several blog entries up the last couple of days.  I'm really looking forward to a close look at Arlington Animal Control's second oh-so-closely-related-to-PETA witness, Clifford Warwick.  My research is done and I'm not the least bit impressed with his "credentials" and it app…

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Laundry Day Bites, a Baltimore Horse Seizure story

About once a month, I have a serious laundry day.  It’s the day I collect up all the odds and ends as well as the regular laundry so I’m going to have a number of small loads as well as the usual full loads and it will be a full and long day of work.  I don’t mind doing laundry and I love it when it…

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"You have no right…"

“You have no right whatsoever to make any comments on this issue.”  Au contraire my dear Jen.  My right to speak freely in this country is well established and protected by the US Constitution.  And there are these wonderful forums that give us a place to do so for the price of a bit of our time.  T…

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Boado and Kearny Updates

Just in case anyone is wondering...

Mr. Boado, after being forced to give up his home and all animals but his children's dogs, is still facing 2 criminal charges in Harris County according to the Harris County District Clerk's website.  The next setting is shown for January 6, 2010.

Mr. Kearny got …

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Arlington AC Sings Away

8:10 AM: I have added an update at the end.

A full day of hearing on this the biggest animal seizure case in history and only one news report is showing up in my searches and that report only covers half the days’ testimony.  How sad is that?  Well, I’ll run with what little is available…


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H1N1 Confirmed in Pet Dog

H1N1 has been confirmed in a pet dog in Bedford Hills, NY, who was also negative for H3N8 (dog flu).  Took longer than I predicted but there it is.

Frankly, I suspect H1N1 is far more widespread in pets than we know.  How many will run their pets to the veterinarian rather than simply waiting out a…

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Humane Organization, Is it or isn't it?

Since I see this has come up in the comments, it deserves a quick overview.

It's all in the name.  Humane, welfare, and cruelty prevention groups have been around for a very long time.  In 1824, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) came into existence.  Their mission:…

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The Fat Lady Ain't Sung Yet But the Song Has Begun

Bass estimated the cost of caring for the animals until custody is decided will be about $200,000. He said a $100,000 donation has been received.

  • First, WHO IS THE DONOR???  The public should most certainly know who is donating these levels of funds to sway a governmental agency’s actions!

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Get To Helping Yourself

While I'm working on a follow up of the Arlington animal seizure case, I'd like to provide you with a couple of "promos" because you all need to be MORE informed and MORE active in helping yourselves and all the animals you love or may love in the future; else you may not get to do so for much longe…

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Cronyism in Animal Seizures, Arlington: A Case On Point?

I’ve gotten a wee bit of hate mail – from friends : )

As you may have noted, I’m not fond of what are called exotic pets by those who love them as I love my dogs and cats.  I wouldn’t have any of these creepy, crawling, slithery “pets” in my home.  However, let me clarify that I can and will def…

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If you're amongst those who wonder what PETA's real agenda is.  Read their own request in their CI's affidavit in the Arlington seizure matter.  "Wherefore, the Affiant requests the humane euthanasia of all seized animals, as deemed necessary by a licensed veterinarian, in order to prevent sufferi…

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PETA Drove That Panel Truck

If I were the USDA and US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), I would not be a happy camper right now.

It appears to be true that anything once stored on-line never really disappears.  For whatever reason, I don't seem to be able to pull up the full USDA inspection reports of U.S. Global Exotics.  Howe…

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Economy Worsening, No Surprise to Me

Insomnia post #6.  Was headed to shut down when this popped up on my home page.

"New jobless benefit claims rise unexpectedly"

By the third paragraph, the spinning is in full speed.  "Unemployment claims have been on a downward trend since this summer. That improvement is seen as a sign that jobs …

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Tell Congress We Humans Only Have 2 Teats

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