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USGE Rymell Ruling

Judge: Exotic pet wholesaler loses custody of 27,000 animals seized in raid

Ms. Schrock, my how you like to continue to use that “27,000” even though you know full well that a large number of the animals have since died or been killed while in the City of Arlington’s custody.

Sadly, but …

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SPCA and PETA play at Fuzzy Math

should more than 20,000 exotic creatures…”  Hm, how interesting that it says 20,000 instead of 27,000 because the day before this was in print: “the enormous task of feeding, watering and cleaning goes on every day for about 27,000 animals” but then that's just fudging 15% or a great deal …

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PETA Loses One, and What's to Come?

Jim Douglas (news video): “PETA, the SPCA, and City of Arlington all say the Court does not have the authority to overrule the Municipal Judge.  They claim the matter’s settled.”  But the CURRENT statute on point says: “An owner divested of ownership of an animal under Section 821.023 may ap…

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City Mouse or Country Mouse

What’s in your soap?  Do you even know?  Most of us are so citified we don’t think much about what’s inside the products we pick up along the long isles of our mega-stores.  We read the list of ingredients and make assumptions and/or shake our heads.  If I stop for a moment to think about my soap, m…

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PETA Intervenes in Arlington Case, Oh Yes They Did

This is a quickie update on the City of Arlington v. U.S. Global Exotics civil case.

Not only can the government summarily snatch up all your animals then hold a pro forma hearing to permanently deprive you of your property but, if you dare appeal, you may well find PETA intervening to claim you hav…

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Help Save Dogs in Virginia

I simply don't see how a law that lacks any scientific or fact basis but results in the destruction of animals/property can be anything but UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Help reverse one!

From the ADOA

Subject: Calls/emails needed before Monday,  January 25, 5 PM House Ag Subcommittee
meeting - please read …

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My HERO This Week, a Dog Rescue

Joe St. Georges, a Los Angeles firefighter, dangled from a helicopter to wrangle an obviously snapping, biting, struggling, terrified dog.  Sporting a huge bandage on his hand at a news conference, he said: “He did what dogs do.” He shrugged off his injuries.

WONDERFUL to see someone realistic …

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Audacious? SPCA?? PETA????

"None of the [U.S. Global Exotics] animals will be available for adoption. The SPCA of Texas will place the animals..."  WOW.  Silly me.  I thought that was up to a judge!  There's an appeal pending and SPCA of Texas is already making final decisions for the animals.

"The SPCA of Texas would li…

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Corporate Free Speech, It WILL Affect Your Property Rights

Stare decisis et non quieta movere, "Maintain what has been decided and do not alter that which has been established" but what if the Supreme Court got it wrong?  Are we STUCK with bad law?  Well, usually, yes; at least for a while, sometimes a painfully long while.  Just ask the original residents …

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Growing that BOYCOTT List

29 Dogs Thieved by Cochise County, AZ

The following timeline was created from information in the 2 linked articles:

  • 12/20/2007: “Marjorie "Heidi" Tipling, a technician at the Pencin Veterinary Clinic in Willcox and a member of PAKS [People Assisting Kindred Spirits]” plays "surprise shopper" and visits the Ratliffs’ home.
  • 3/31/20…

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Disasters Happen

My heart aches for those in Haiti.

The “pros” say to have a 72 hour disaster kit.  If we’ve learned anything from Hurricanes Katrina and Ike and others and now the earthquake in Haiti, it should be that a 72 hour kit is grossly inadequate.  The reality is that it will be 72 hours before real assista…

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Louisville, KY Gets Spanked by Judge

Verjean’s comment to one of my blog entries is worthy of it’s own entry so, with Verjean’s permission, here it is:

I figured you'd work out that new legislation went into effect 9-1-09. As you probably also know, Louisville's ruling came down about the same time. This was heard in federal cour…

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Media Malice Toward and Lies About Animal Owners

“In many other common law countries, strict liability for defamation is still the rule.”  When news reports spread round the world via the internet, many reading them consider them accurate because reporters in their own nations are careful to be truthful due to this general rule and some amount of …

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Analysis of a Ruling on Seized Animals

This is almost unfair to a teeny tiny court judge who went to the trouble to write a lengthy opinion (when writing an opinion in these seizure cases is RARE to begin with) but it would be even more unfair not to point out what I see as the errors in the ruling; to not show how the court is thinking …

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Some Appeal, Kinda, Sorta... Or Maybe NOT

“Noone” who commented on yesterday’s blog is correct, at least partly.  If you want to see the Texas laws, they are available on the official state website here.  If you go there, in the upper right corner, you will read “Statutes effective on: (date)”.  The problem is that the date shown is …

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No Jury, No Appeals

The “verdict” is IN in Beaumont.  3 adult dogs and 2 puppies awarded to the Humane Society.  That means the owner got no trial, no jury, and has ZERO right to appeal.  That’s right, as the law on animal seizures currently stands, all a judge need do to deprive you of ANY right to appeal is to order …

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U.S. Global Exotics Appeal needs YOUR Help

I've been asked in private emails what you and I can do to help fight back and a while back I mentioned joining organizations, getting out there to volunteer and, if you couldn't find what you wanted, START something.  I started this blog and now I'm taking my own advice again.  Animal owners should…

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If you’re like me, you get cringe and squirm just thinking about having a snake in your home.  I have friends who adore the (not so) slimy creatures.  They are my friends and have the same feelings for their reptiles that I have for dogs and cats so I must fully support their efforts not to be irrat…

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Radio and TV Disappearing

Free TV AND Radio are dying out to cable and satellite.  It’s so sad to “watch” and “listen” as it happens.  Long ago, it was decided the air waves belonged to the public; that private companies could use them to broadcast over them but that they owed something to the public in return.  I’ve watched…

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