USGE Rymell Ruling

Judge: Exotic pet wholesaler loses custody of 27,000 animals seized in raid

Ms. Schrock, my how you like to continue to use that “27,000” even though you know full well that a large number of the animals have since died or been killed while in the City of Arlington’s custody.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, Judge Rymell appears to have issued her judgment in favor of the City of Arlington/PETA/SPCA of Texas who “has already made arrangements with zoos, sanctuaries and rescue groups to give the animals permanent homes”.  I’m not inclined to say much more on the ruling until I get a chance to see the actual ruling rather than the spun media blurbs.

I will say there are days when I wonder if trial judges have ever read the US or Texas Constitutions at all.  I wonder if they are simply incapable of reading simple statutes or if they deliberately ignore the clear meaning of them.  Given what little I already know of the ruling from the media, I suspect the day I see the ruling is going to be yet another one of those days.

I certainly hope USGE decides to take this on up to the appellate court and/or to federal court.

In the meantime, I'll try to get a blog up on the possible criminal charges to come.  In addition to the ones in the state code, this case may well involve criminal charges under the City of Arlington's ordinances.  I've only taken a peek but, frankly, they seem down right draconian.

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