Audacious? SPCA?? PETA????

"None of the [U.S. Global Exotics] animals will be available for adoption. The SPCA of Texas will place the animals..."  WOW.  Silly me.  I thought that was up to a judge!  There's an appeal pending and SPCA of Texas is already making final decisions for the animals.

"The SPCA of Texas would like to thank the City of Arlington... partnership"  Some of us already knew you'd partnered up.  Good of you to put it in black and white.  Silly me thinking the City of Arlington is a governmental agency, responsible to its citizens.  Nope, it's partnering up with NGO's who profit from seizing animals and selling them or using them for blatant fund raising.  Make no mistake that "non-profit" is the corporation.  The PEOPLE involved PROFIT left and right in monetary and non-monetary ways.  Just think of the power high one would get having the power to summarily take other people's property with impunity.

Of course, HSNT is asking for your money for the same animals.

And PETA?  Well, of course, the USGE seizure has become their latest and bestest fund raiser!  No where, NO WHERE, on that page does it say ANY of the donations will actually go to the costs of caring for these animals!  WE know that the City of Arlington is legally responsible for the care of the animals.  The media reports that HSNT and SPCA of Texas are the ones allegedly caring for them.  Not even slowing PETA down is using these animals for their own purposes; to raise more money to thieve more animals from more owners!

"To help the SPCA of Texas fund future rescues"  And there it is.  Public notice of their intent to pursue ALL animal owners in Texas.  Audacious?  I think we passed that to insolence (boldly rude or disrespectful; contemptuously impertinent; insulting).

Animal Owners Defense!

Hm, didn't the City of Arlington tell the media it cost about $100,000 just for the seizure and move?  That PETA had donated a total of $200,000?  Oh, no, that's right, they merely "pledged" $200,000.  And yet, on their website, they say: "In the few short weeks since our investigation became public, more than $61,000 has been spent on food, housing, transportation, and other essentials for these animals".  Is it just me or is there some serious playing fast and loose with the numbers going on?

I realized quite a while back that these activists were already plotting where the animals were going when I ran across this: "The 726 hedgehogs that were taken (survived) in the raid will be released to the Hedgehog Welfare Society" who will apparently be turning them over to folks like WindDancer; owner of Cherokee Flats-- Rabbits and Chickens for Meat, Show & Pets.  But the hedeghogs won't get sold.  Yeah, sure, uh huh, WHATEVER!!!  Zoo?  What zoo?  Sanctuary?  All too often it's just another name for thieves!

What we still don't know is how fast the animals are dying!  Isn't it odd how they just refuse to give updates for that on their websites?

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