SPCA and PETA play at Fuzzy Math

should more than 20,000 exotic creatures…”  Hm, how interesting that it says 20,000 instead of 27,000 because the day before this was in print: “the enormous task of feeding, watering and cleaning goes on every day for about 27,000 animals” but then that's just fudging 15% or a great deal more for fund raising and that's OK, isn't it?  (NOT.)

Although it was reported that sworn testimony was that 26,882 animals were seized, the number that was on HSNT’s website and is still used on SPCA of Texas’ (SPCAT) website has consistently been 26,411.  We know that 3,627 reptiles and 293 small mammals (a total of 3,920 animals) died or were killed by the City of Arlington and/or the delegated caretakers before December 31, 2009.  26,411 – 3,920 = 22,491 (despite the fact that they’ve continued to use the 26,411 or 27,000 numbers in their fund raising materials since day one and continue to do so).  Assuming they’ve cut the death rate in half and the same number has died and/or been killed in twice the amount of time, that would mean (22,491 – 3,920) 18,571 animals (or thereabouts) are still alive of the originally seized animals.  That sounds about right if they’re now saying “20,000” publicly since it’s blatantly clear they use some pretty fuzzy math over at SPCAT (or they just plain can't count even with a computer and an expert guiding them, take your pick).

The City of Arlington and SPCA of Texas could put a stop to speculating altogether if they’d just put updates on their website or cough up the numbers to the media but clearly they’re not going to do that since they were dancing around it just yesterday in the media reports.

“The good news, says Bias, is that few animals are dying now.  ‘On any given day we have 20 or 30 out of thousands expire’.”  More fuzzy numbers and I’m quite sure low balled numbers.  Of course, if you’ve already lost or killed 30-45% of the animals, one would surely hope the daily death toll would come down but it’s hard to see if the percentage of deaths is dropping when they won’t cough up the hard numbers.  Still, there are deaths even with extraordinary care it seems.

“[L]abor has not been a problem. Plenty of volunteers came forward – some from great distances and with very specific interests.”  Well, now, that’s interesting.  All that manpower and zoo folk and volunteer veterinarians too and you’re STILL losing animals?  And you’ve “spent about $10,000 a day on the animals’ care” and that’s WITHOUT labor costs and veterinarian fees?

All you pet lovers out there think about this a minute.  If they’re going to raise the standard for wholesalers to what they’re doing at SPCAT, just guess how much your next pet is going to cost you!  It’s likely to be 100 times or more what the last one cost because breeders, wholesalers, you and I will have to PAY for experts and veterinarians.

SPCAT has spent $300,000 and the media STILL hasn’t reported what happened with the PETA pledged $200,000.  Has PETA withdrawn its pledge?  Reneged?  WHERE is that money?  Not to worry, PETA is still fundraising on the backs of these animals and claiming one of its supporters will be matching donations.  I’m guessing that’s the same “donor” whose previous pledge seems to have disappeared; guessing the “donor” won’t come through on those matching funds either.

Now, SPCAT isn’t having human labor problems but I’d have to say they’re having a different kind of labor problem! 

Hedgehog gestation is 35 days with an average litter size of 4.”  The SPCA has been in possession of the USGE animals since December 15, 2009.  That’s more than 43 days.  “The SPCA has 550 hedgehogs alone to deal with. And that number is growing daily, what with the hedgehog maternity ward they inherited.”  INHERITED?  Really???  How very unusual that their gestation period would be nearly 20% longer than normal!!!  Sounds more like you spay/neuter promoters didn’t know how to tell the boys from the girls!  “some populations are growing, especially hedgehogs.   There have been about 60 births so far.”  That would be about 15 females you didn’t get separated fast enough!!  “Workers separated males and females, but the hedgehog stork is expected to remain busy for a while” and that would be many, many you didn’t get separated for AT LEAST 13 days after the seizure.  Uh, maybe y’all should stop criticizing the general population for the occasional “accidental” litter.  Surely, YOU should have known better!

“The good news: They think they've got all the males and females separated now.”  Think?  They “THINK” they’ve got them separated now?  Seriously???

“ ‘This case has gone on longer than any other seizure case we've ever dealt with,’ said SPCA of Texas President James Bias…  Bias thought the cruelty case would be settled by now so the turtles, snakes, iguanas and wallabies could be transferred to zoos, refuges and animal adoption agencies.”  Oh, so sorry, but I’m quite sure you know this is the standard timeline.  Maybe you shouldn’t be taking on jobs you’re not really prepared to handle!  I’m sure you’ve gotten quite accustomed to being able to bully and coerce people into giving up their beloved pets but it wasn’t so easy when someone was able to fight back, was it?  GOOD.  I hope everyone is getting to see how this process works and I can only hope that each and every owner from whom you snatch up property, loved pets, fights back with all their might; even if they have to proceed pro se.  This is a nominal process and you should be prepared to go through every single day of it every time to STEAL what does not belong to you without due process of law.

Oh, and that assumption that you get to GIVE the animals away, totally dismissing the law's provision that anticipates valuable animals will be sold.  What amazing arrogance to make such an assumption and keep pressing it in the media to influence the judge.  Shocking.  Truly SHOCKING.

“Veterinarian Pamela Ashley has spent countless ...  We found her treating a hedgehog… gave him a shot of antibiotics for a respiratory infection…”  Gee, you mean they get sick?  Even with that extraordinary level of costly care you’re providing?  What a surprise!

“The SPCA is struggling to care for them as it is.”  Wow, you’ve got free manpower and enormous amounts of money and you’re struggling?  Try being an owner or wholesaler.  You know, those who have to live within budgets during a sucking economy.  And, again, maybe you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew.

But then, I’m sure SPCAT is also busy working with Petco and PetsMart to do their little adoption gigs.  You know Petco and PetsMart; those would be the major corporations with the clout to demand animals from wholesalers (like U.S. Global Exotics) at the lowest possible prices so they can sell them to us at inflated prices and widen their profit margin.  Interesting to see how SPCAs are so willing to team up with the corporations which are so very much responsible for the lousy conditions animals experience.  Do YOU think that providing space for SPCA adoptions sufficiently compensates for that?

Oh, sorry, forgot again.  It’s NOT about the animals with these non-profits, it’s about feeding the bottomless non-profit pit of donations so they can take from the poor and give back to the rich and it’s so much more efficient if they can do it under color of law through seizures!

All reference to this case seems to have disappeared from the HSNT website.  What happened?  You children couldn’t even get along with each other?  Makes one wonder if HSNT contributed anything to the care of the animals (although it sure put up a plea for donations to do so).  Wonder how much they collected and what it actually got spent on.

I must admit it’s interesting to watch how this is done; how the numbers get fudged and fuzzy; whether it’s the number of animals or the dollars involved.

Well, I certainly hope the judge sees through all this and mandates return of these animals to their rightful owner and, if not that, then AT LEAST mitigates the cost of this bumbleF by ordering the animals SOLD.

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