If you’re like me, you get cringe and squirm just thinking about having a snake in your home.  I have friends who adore the (not so) slimy creatures.  They are my friends and have the same feelings for their reptiles that I have for dogs and cats so I must fully support their efforts not to be irrationally legislated out of their pets or have their property rights infringed upon.  Senate Bill 307 is an effort to just that; to chip away at their RIGHTS.

WRITE YOUR SENATORS, hand write, mail it in!  Deadline for receipt I January 20, 2010, and that means you need to get those letters in NOW to allow for time in the USPS system.

Have you asked your friends to also write letters?  Do you KNOW if they did?  Pin them down.  If anyone says they would but don’t have time or fesses up that they haven’t gotten it done, OFFER to do it for them.  It is NOT forgery, fraud, misrepresentation, or any of those nasty things if you simply get PERMISSION.

The way the government’s going, kids won’t even be able to pick up garter snakes soon and even I enjoyed hat pleasure as a child!

You can snag a sample letter, your senators’ addresses, and more information here.  And below is an email I received that contains some additional suggestions for you to help in KILLING this bill that would impinge on pet welfare and their owners’ rights.


DEADLINE Extended for Kill-S373
The DEADLINE for getting your letters opposing S373 to Tom Wolfe has 
been extended to Wednsday January 20th. Last day to overnight will be 
Tuesday the 19th. We don't believe the Senate will be back for a vote 
untill then. We have an extra 10 days to push our numbers up higher. 
Please take advantage of this opportunity! This is extremely serious. If 
we do not succeed 1/3 of the Reptile Nation could be destroyed! 
Thousands will lose jobs. Many businesses will be bankrupted. 
Individuals could lose their homes. The time to ACT is NOW!!!!
We need an ALL OUT effort right now. It is very simple. Write your 
letters like we did when we killed HR669. It is the MOST IMPORTANT thing 
you can do right now. Follow the instructions below:
1. Letters to your Senators- Go to and follow the 
instructions. Use the `Sample Letter'. Watch the instructional video. 
There is no substitute for REAL letters. Do it NOW!!!
2. Email your Senators- This is NOT a substitute for REAL letters. Click 
here we have made it easy for you.
3. Contact the Media- `Pythons, Politics & Death of the American Dream' 
campaign. Click on the links below:
      • MSNBC-
      • CNN- 
      • FOX News-
The future of the Reptile Nation could be decided by what you as an 
individual are prepared to do over the next few days. Do not miss this 
opportunity to make a difference! Our community needs to pull together 
as never before. Do NOT let this be the final days of the Reptile 
Industry and Hobby!
Special Message to Industry Leaders: If you make your living in the 
reptile trade you need to do all of the things listed above that the 
rest of the Reptile Nation is doing... and more! It is your 
responsibility to get a meeting with your Senator and make your case. 
You represent the industry in your state. By making direct contact with 
your Senators you give them a reason to oppose S373. Jobs and the 
Economy are important. Make your case. The time is NOW!!!

NEW DEADLINE January 20, 2010

overnight mail by January 19th.

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