My HERO This Week, a Dog Rescue

Joe St. Georges, a Los Angeles firefighter, dangled from a helicopter to wrangle an obviously snapping, biting, struggling, terrified dog.  Sporting a huge bandage on his hand at a news conference, he said: “He did what dogs do.” He shrugged off his injuries.

WONDERFUL to see someone realistic and not jumping to call the dog mean and vicious for being understandably freaked out.

Animal Control Officer Justin Guzman said the owners will not face consequences if they come forward to claim their dog.  I SURE hope they do.  (I really hope Guzman is telling the truth!!!)

“I think the firefighter was very brave for rescuing him. I hope he gets a medal.”  ME TOO!

JOE St. GEORGES, firefighter and HERO!

Story here and video here today.

I’m working on a very sad story too but this one I just felt the need to post this morning.  Joe St. Georges deserves all the kudos he gets.

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