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Travesty of Justice #1

Travesty, grotesque...  There must be better words for what happened today but they escape me.  Yes, I'm still on the HSPCA v. Joe case because it exemplifies so much of what is wrong with our legal system, our society.

Let's start with the change of judges.  Instead of J.P. Gorczynski, Joe had to…

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Houston SPCA v Joe Hearing TODAY

Of course, the case isn't styled "Houston SPCA v. Joe" but maybe it should be...

Sadly, we appear to have only 1 news outlet attempting to provide information on the massive seizure of animals last week.  Our local Fox affiliate reports the hearing will be at 2:00 P.M. today before J.P. Dale Gorczy…

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Should SPCA have resources before confiscating?

Yesterday, the Houston SPCA confiscated 1,045 animal.  The AP picked it up today, sans most of the details and now described as a "rescue" rather than a confiscation.  Now the Houston SPCA is pleading for donations of goods and funds to care for those animals.  If you or I took in animals without be…

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7 Years Between Rabies Vaccinations, Help Make It HAPPEN

Please pass this along to every pet owner and rescuer you know.

Most of us knew the Rabies vaccine worked for 3+ years long before the law caught up.  In fact, we "know" it actually works for much longer.  To get the laws changed so we can stop OD'ing our pets and putting them at repeated risk while …

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