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EMTALA for Pets Please

It’s a Wonderful Death (On Euthanasia and Death Panels)

Today is World AIDS Day and, in honor of my mother, one of the victims of AIDS, I want to write on a hopeful topic.  Yes, death is or can be a hopeful topic.

Death is a part of life, just a part of the cycle all living things progress through.  I remember my grandfather’s death in an accident.  Tha…

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"We just made that up" WTF???

7 Years Between Rabies Vaccinations, Help Make It HAPPEN

Please pass this along to every pet owner and rescuer you know.

Most of us knew the Rabies vaccine worked for 3+ years long before the law caught up.  In fact, we "know" it actually works for much longer.  To get the laws changed so we can stop OD'ing our pets and putting them at repeated risk while …

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What is a Great Vet?

I took Queen Sheba to my "go to" vet yesterday and we're both doing better today.  I've known Dr. M for over 20 years now and I both adore him and am incredibly frustrated by him.  Although she hadn't seen him in over 2 years, she was bouncing when we pulled up to his office.  (They never forget any…

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