Have to do a second entry this morning!  A few months ago, late January, 2010, to be more precise, Marion County decided it was a good idea to seize all of the animals belonging to Barbara Hoffmann and Fred Lulling.  My first entry on that case was "Government Kicking the Widow Hoffman"  Yep, most of my entries have Barbara's last name misspelled and so do most of the media items out there.

Rubber stamp, rubber stamp, rubber stamp and dead animals and the remainder shipped off...  but before that...

In "KILLING, What THEY Do Best", I described some of veterinarian Carol Hedges' actions in this case.  She was responsible for killing about 1/3 of the animals within hours of the seizure, without court permission.

And then there's Prosecutor William (Bill) Gleason who tended the big exotic cats despite a court order mandating that they be tended by someone with qualifications to do so while he had NO qualifications at all.

And then there's Caroline Wedding of the Marion County Humane Society, essentially a PO Box, who was the one who "vetted" where the animals should go.  2 of the Big Cats went to WAO (Wild Animal Orphanage) and you really have to wonder if Caroline Wedding knows what google is because WAO has QUITE a little history of ups and downs, being in trouble, and for all kinds of in-fighting.  You can read all about them at the links on Rexano if you have the stomach for it.

Despite all that, Barbara's beloved Boris and Gizmo were shipped to WAO.  Shortly thereafter, WAO was under "new management", the apparent result of yet another of their little internal pissing matches.  Oh, and BTW, Marion County didn't have any way to transport the Big Cats, nor did the Marion County Humane Society.  No problem, they just snatched up Barbara and Fred's transport cages to keep the cats in for weeks and then transport them in.  These would be the exact same cages they alleged were the "cruel confinement" from which they needed to be immediately removed.  OK, so they pry an agreement from Barbara and Fred to relinquish the cats and allow the transport cages to be used because, without that, they'd be staying in jail indefinitely.  (Immediately after signing over the cats and use of the cages, they were released on PR bonds.)

The transport cages were to be kept for Barbara and Fred to pick up later.  The ones that went to WAO "disappeared".  Folks, these are not dog crates, these are the big transport cages that roll up onto a train, the ones you see at circus grounds holding Big Exotic Cats, lions and tigers.  These cages ain't cheap!

What's up at WAO now?  Well, who knows but the USDA appears to be looking for help for the animals at WAO.  Here's the email I received:

  • The Wild Animal Orphanage near San Antonio, Texas is having difficulty
    caring for their animals. They are now trying to find homes for 55 tigers, 14
    lions, 3 cougars, 6 wolf hybrids, 2 old (17 years) leopards, and about
    200 primates: 18 vervet monkeys, 2 barbary macaques, 2 patas monkeys, 23 +/-
    capuchins, 21 baboons (several infants in group), 16 chimps (5 HIV +may
    have homes already) and approximately 134 macaques, all retired research
  • We are working on finding homes for many of the animals but if you know of
    a facility who would be willing to take one or more of any of these
    animals, please contact me at _laurie.j.gage@aphis.usda.gov_
    ( . Also if you or your facility might be able to make
    donations of primate or big cat food, or able to help with the transportation
    of animals, please let me know. Right now the animals all belong to the
    WAO and the transfer would be between the WAO and your facility. Donations
    of food or other resources would go to the WAO. USDA Animal Care is trying
    to help with the situation. We may be able to arrange for transportation
    of some of the animals.
  • Thanks all in advance for any thoughts, ideas, donations or advice.
  • Laurie Gage, DVM, DIpl. ACZM
  • Big Cat Specialist USDA APHIS Animal Care

Well, now, didn't Caroline Wedding of the Marion County Humane Society just do one hell of a job finding a permanent home for Boris and Gizmo?

If you'd like to catch up on this seizure case, just search my archives for "Marion County" and I think all the entries will pop right up for you.  And you should also check out Barbara's blog at Top Cats Roar.

Honestly, I don't know if Barbara and Fred are the lucky ones to know what has become of their beloved animals or not.  The torture of the owners just seems to go on and on and on and...  These animals rights activists and their seizures are just a huge killing machine!

I have a sudden urge to go clean and oil some guns for some reason.  I would most definitely prefer to go out in a hail of bullets than be tortured as these raid victims are.

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Really, I think it's what some would call bittersweet, tragicomedy, mixed blessings, or good/bad, to know, but not fully know -and have no say in it anyway. We knew it was wrong for the DA and the sheriff deputies to be trying to care for our big cats. We knew just by things they said that they had no real knowledge of what they were undertaking. We knew it was wrong and dangerous for all those people to be approaching the big cat cages, as well as poking their fingers and hands into the cages. We knew just about all the animals were being mistreated and wrongly handled from the moment they moved the first one. I watched as the guy from the State Health Dept. manhandled our waterfowl, swinging them upside down like a hunter would carry a dead bird. (Of course, they were all dead 24 hours later.) We said nothing, so as not to get jailed for interference. Yet we ended up jailed anyway. As we sat in jail, we wondered what further atrocities and rape they were performing on the animals and our property in our absence. The thefts and wanton property damage would be discovered later.

We learned as well that two of the tiger recipients had checkered and colorful pasts, and one still had internal feuding among management. But we could still hope and convince ourselves the animals were okay. I don't call it closure to know that our two biggest cats can look forward to either another move or a trip to the "needle room." (Or do they do that with a dart gun right there in the cage?) Now we wonder, what about all the others?? What about Justin the macaque, who hugged me like a child hugs his daddy...? What about the dogs who trusted us with their lives...? Do they even have lives anymore?

I guess it's easier to believe things are alright for them, than to know they aren't, and then start wondering about the others too.

Oh, I've had my share of dreams... In one, I was holding the DA with a gun to his head. In another, I was choking him like a rag doll... Other dreams I won't even go into detail on.

Though I may not approve of or support them, I can see a bit of where some suicide bombers get their incentive...

Yes, some things are better NOT known.


PJ-Usually I get some sleep. I became quite ill over a week ago and barely been awake but as you can see, another sleepless night.
Thank you for all the support you have given to me, Fred and all the victims of this 'Great Global Tragedy'...I was about to say American Tragedy but then took a few steps backwards and had to say global...
Not sure how I would have gotten thru all this without you PJ...the groups you've sent us to for support and explaining what this or that means Unlike Fred, I have...I mean HAD no understanding of terms of law before...
I think probably that cases, any cases that are appealed that are trial de novo should be required to have a trial by jury or committee and wonder how long that's gone on without requiring...OMG, it's crazy!!! How could we stand a chance in hell with a county judge who has the DA as an advisor?!? Almost laughable...sad really...
Truly, not much surprises me anymore including what is happening to WAO...I saw this coming but so sad to see my 2 tigers (out of 55) written up in poor conditions on USDA report...shocking to see their pace marks on the ground for animals who never paced thin they had become...
Shocking I still receive hate mail and AR people joking and laughing at such misuse of justice instead of genuine concern for animals...always made me sick but had no idea it had escalated to this...those poor people who have been sucked in with the brainwashing...
Excuse me for rambling but these are my thoughts after 7 months...most of the anger gone...slips out every now and again...
I do have good moments and sometimes even an entire day!!!
To do 'service' with ones life can be the one single greatest thing a person does with their life even when no one knows the things you do...You do so much for so many...I hope you continue!!!
Thank you,


In my opinion it is better to know. Many of mine I do not know what happened and there is just no closure. Are they being mistreated somewhere? Did someone let them out, did they wander out in the street and get killed, were they eaten by coyotes?
One ran away from the new owner and he had a website up for 2 years blaming me. I guess she is dead now.
You are right about the hail of bullets. There are times when I have thought if the AR's had any mercy they would just shoot me.