Seized Kitties Need Your Help

There are still about 35 cats/kittens (and these are mostly kittens under a year old) that need rescue commitment. We all know their fate if they stay in a kill shelter. Here's the plea from the owner (Weatherford, TX is a few miles west of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex):

Dear Rescue Friends,

I am in a desperate situation and am looking for assistance from every resource possible... as a possible help for cats taken from my home. I have been doing rescue and foster work for the last couple of years and this year became overrun with kittens and was well over my legal limit for my municipality and have had all animals (even my personal pets) seized from my home.

I have been told by Animal Control police that if I surrender the foster cats to the Weatherford Shelter, then registered 501c3 organizations can pull them from the shelter. These cats are all social, and some have been completely vetted (tested, spay/neuter, full vaccinations, very healthy), but I have had a hard time with adoptions this summer - my last adoption was in March of this year.

Is there any way that your group could pull even 2-3 cats from this shelter and place them with your foster homes? I am trying to line up as many groups as possible to contact the shelter to let them know that you will take a specific number of cats once they are signed over to the shelter.

The investigating Animal Control Officer is Joe Davis and the shelter director is Dustin Deel. Groups can call and leave their information on the general information voicemail and Dustin will get the messages. The shelter phone number is (817) 598-4111; if someone does answer, which they might because they are working this case, you can ask for Joe Davis, Dustin Deel or Steve Bates. This is a desperate situation, as none of these cats needs to be put down, but the total number is far more than the shelter has room, budget, or staff for and they are of course a kill shelter. If you are interested in particular types of cats, I can send you a list of those that need claiming, with physical descriptions of the cats, their medical status, personality traits, and gender/age - let me know if you would like this list.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer. Feel free to pass this plea along to any other groups you know, even if you think they can only take one cat. Also feel free to pass along my contact information, which is below.

Thank you,

Amy Justice
(682) 564-4386
Please contact Amy directly for information. Seized cats don't usually go on the "kill list" at all. They're just summarily killed once they are surrendered. If you can help, please do so quickly.

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Very happy to know that you are an animal lover. I also an animal lover. Yes, my dear friend, I must share your thinking to all people I know. Lets see how may I help you with this. Frankly speaking, you know something, you are doing a great help for animal community and I want to tell every one in this world, "Please do something to overcome this problem". Thanks

Here is the true story on this woman. She was a hoarder and had 50 cats living in a one bedroom house in unimaginable conditions. The cats went without medical treatment for a week because she refused to sign them over until right before she was going to have to go to court. All animal rescue groups need to be aware and not let this woman foster. She lied about one rescue group saying they were the ones she was "fostering" for when she wasn't any part of that group. It could have cost the rescue group all of their credibility. When scrambling to get rid of cats she was trying to stash them with people until the situation "blew over" and then she wanted them back. Please be aware of Amy Justice and do not let her foster for your group.