Gracia Defense Funding Update

Defense funding includes everything from legal fees, to bonds, to session transcripts, and other costs.  The Gracia family has not requested assistance, but they stand to lose much - including the family home they've worked years to acquire.  HSPCA's fees for animal care totaled over $14,000 last week... and are mounting each day the judge allows this to drag on.

The 3 attorneys in this case are working for nothing or close to it and have even footed some of the bills.  If there is a particular item that you’d like to contribute funds to, please note what that is with your contribution and I’m sure it will be honored.  If we want to continue to fight these cases, it takes a team effort from lawyers and from us as supporters so let’s try to see they have what they need for the fight.  Small contributions add up and even tiny donations show our numbers in support of the wrongly accused.  Let’s show them how many of us there are!

Please make a gift (any amount is appreciated!) to the Gracia General Defense Fund via PayPal.  Go to and create or sign into your account, then click Send Money.  Send your contribution as a “gift” (to reduce service fees) to You will receive a confirmation message from Jesse, a member of the Gracia family.

If you'd like to contribute funds by check or money order to help defend the Gracias, please send them to:

  • Jennifer Gaut, Attorney
  • 510 Bering, Suite 300
  • Houston, TX 77057
  • 713-974-8841

Please note the Gracias name on/with your contribution.

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