AFA 2010 Convention

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to all the aviculturists headed to the AFA 2010 Convention in Florida.  I understand most of you headed out on Thursday and Friday.  Learn much and share what you've learned (including what you've seen in the courts), make new friends, and have a great time!  Come back refreshed for the next battles.

Hey, Prosecutor Linda, "Chief, Special Prosecutions", just how long do you think the arm is on that long arm jurisdiction?  Good luck with those subpoenas I'm sure you went rushing to do on Friday.  I almost wish the jurisdiction could make the reach just so I could have fun ragging on you for the expenses of having them served in Florida.  No doubt there'll be some other irrational costs you're racking up in this case for me to have fun exposing though.  Oh, hey, have you figured out who your client is yet???  20 years on that job and don't know who you represent?  Did I hear that little correctly?  That's just WAY too funny (and much, much more sad and sickening) if it's true!

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