A Plea for Trooper

I have a fondness for most dogs and cats and quite a few other critters but there are some that always tug at my heart a bit more than others and an apple face Siamese is one of those.  Despite his injuries of unknown origin, Trooper still has that sweet lovely Siamese face that reminds me of my first 2 Siamese cats. 

Trooper came to us at the request of a kind lady with whom we have worked to spay and neuter feral cats. He showed up at her door, obviously not feral, with some bad wounds. After trying to locate an owner, our veterinarian began working on fixing his wounds. Our vet does not hazard a guess as to where the wounds came from. He has needed debridement and surgery to stitch up the wounds so far and still requires weekly vet visits. He has been very brave for his treatments and despite it all maintains his love for humans.

Trooper's medical care isn't too expensive but fund raising is tough these days.  If you could spare a couple of dollars to help Trooper, please do as it will make a world of difference in his world.

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