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H1N1 Hits Dogs, and Cheetahs too

H1N1 has been identified in 2 dogs in China.  Well, it isn't in the US but it sure means we now KNOW it can happen.  Unlike the reports we get here in the US, the Chinese didn't presume that the virus came from a human; they didn't speculate that it was somehow less likely that the dogs could pass t…

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Seeking Competent Texas Attorneys

I'm looking for competent Texas Attorneys.  I used to be a Texas Attorney so, if having someone who knows the rules looking over your shoulder and expecting you to abide by them makes you nervous, do not contact me.  However, if you are competent and willing to sue professionals, including (but not …

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Veterinarians SUCK

I have a new vet.  Not only is she new to me, she's just plain new.  I'm trying to be patient but I think I may have hit the end of that patience.

My beautiful Shiba Inu was bitten by a stray I've taken in.  I accept full responsibility for the incident.  I probably should have cleaned up the woun…

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Taking Advice

Well, someone told me today to find another place to blog so here I am taking that advice.  I am sick to death of the incredibly low standards for professionals and the lack of anything vaguely resembling administrative justice, let alone access to real justice for the majority of those subjected to…

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