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FL 261 Update, Killing to Rescue

The Florida 261, Another Rescue Group Attacked

A dime bag of oregano.  In “A Few Good Men”, the attorney for the guy who bought and smoked a dime bag of oregano plea bargains it down to a “C Misdeamonor” and 15 days restricted duty as the punishment.  That scene makes me angry every time I see it.  The attorney refers to his client being an “idi…

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Burning Devils and Pagans

I see the Dow closed below 10,000 today.  Told y'all so!  I'm so glad I got completely out of "the market" a few years back.  Seriously guys, just take a look at the 5 year chart on the Dow.  We've actually had no real growth of anything with inherent value in this country for probably more than …

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HSUS Gets Muddy

People think HSUS spends its money to care for animals.  It doesn't.  Only a minuscule portion of their millions goes to hands on care shelters and their own "network of animal-care facilities"; 4 "shelters" in that network.  Ain't that impressive?  At least when folks tell you they DO have animal s…

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Good Fences Make for Neighborly Behavior

Although I’ll focus on Texas, those of you elsewhere might want to check your own state and local laws and case law on this one because the “good fences” concept isn’t exclusively ours (although we like to claim it so).

Now down here in Texas, we have a long and proud heritage of protecting …

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Rubber Necking at Investigative Scenes

Now that I’ve ragged on the media, including the media hounds in animal rights activism, for the grossly inaccurate media stories they publish on animal seizures; it’s time to mention this.  I’ve also ragged on the media, including the media of ARA, on a number of occasions for their invasions of pe…

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How Did That Happen?

Mastiffs Shot in Animal "Rescue" Raid

Somebody asked me recently what happens if the police want to execute a warrant and you aren't home.  (Of course, we know what happens if you are home.  A child may be executed by the police.)  Turns out that if you're not home, they may start the animal "rescue" process (likely any warrant executio…

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Save GA Pets; Shelter Closing Temporarily

The Paulding Humane Society in Dallas (Paulding County), GA, has to close due to a rodent infestation that has to be erradiacted.  YesBiscuit! is asking all who can help by taking in animals to do so and I second that plea for help for the animals.  They have reduced their adoption fee across the b…

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BBHS Affects on Pet Obesity?

It appears that the Round Rock, TX, animal control officers coerced an owner into surrendering 13 animals on Thursday under threat of animal cruelty charges!  Of course, with that comes the threat that you will be named, flamed, and defamed (NFD) worldwide via the internet before the hearing where t…

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Chihuahuas Join the poor "pit bulls"

Some days I wish the "big one" would hit California and it would slide into the ocean.  This is another one of those days!  And I'm not a big fan of the AKC but I can get behind their message 100% on this one.

Meet the teeny Chihuahua (generally weighing in at 2-4 pounds when full grown):


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Might You Have Mites?

Chiggers!  If you are in the eastern half of the US and especially if you are in the southeast US, you KNOW chiggers!  Nasty little bugs that can leave you marked with hundreds of bites, itching like mad..  Did you know that chiggers are mites?  They are and, other than being a HUGE annoyance, they’…

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And Akitas make the BSL List... How about Shibas?

Does Akita "and mixes thereof" include Shibas?  Might as well disclose my personal interest and bias right up front on this one.

Above is an Akita Inu.

And this is a Shiba Inu.  How many of you can tell the difference?  While there are most certainly similarities and they are likely closely relat…

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DEAD is NOT Better!

Ontario Shelter Manages Ringworm Outbreak with Death


YesBiscuit! does the current story justice so go read it and come on back.  It is the OSPCA that is euthanizing 350 animals for ringworm; for friggin' RINGWORM.  And do you know who the OSPCA is?  As lousy as my memory is, I knew that looked…

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Dust Bunnies and Parasites

How clean is your house?  Not nearly as clean as you think!  There are miniscule creatures living with us, on us, in us.  Ditto for our pets.  If you have carpet, I promise you are colonizing and feeding all kinds of critters!  Oh, no, you say because you have your carpet steam cleaned regularly.  C…

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Gandhi Would Be HORRIFIED

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”    Joyce Tischler, ALDF founder and General Counsel, lifted these famous words and used them in 2008.  I find it outrageous when an extreme activist lifts a selected phrase i…

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Gideon Case

The Gideon case is a case of bad law gone worse.  The Gideons have had an incredibly good outcome but they and all other animal owners are still at risk from this and other lousy, poorly written laws, including federal, state, and local laws.

People get tickets all the time and sometimes they fight…

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USGE, Media Lying Yet Again...

No doubt some of you have seen the headlines howling that Jasen Shaw is a FUGITIVE.  This caught my eye immediately: "An arrest warrant was issued Feb. 10 but kept confidential until now."  I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

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BARC Calling for Kitty Fosters

It’s that time of year and Houston BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control) is overwhelmed by sick kittens who need fostering in isolation from other cats due to their respiratory ailments.  BARC is “under new management” and it seems one has to attend a class to become a foster now and…

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Due Notice or Not

The 2 current SPCAT snatchings in Kaufman County are really very disturbing, especially for their lack of even minimal due process.

The SPCA recently rescued three abandoned dogs from a filthy trailer in Kaufman County, northeast of Terrell.”  Well now, that does indeed sound like a very good thi…

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