Leave Tiger Alone!!!

"While Woods is required to show his license, registration and proof of insurance, he's not obligated by state law to give a statement on the crash. However, it's 'very unusual' not to do so, [Sgt. Kim] Montes [spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol] said.  'We simply want to ask why did he crash his car,' she said, adding, 'All we're trying to do is get his side of the story.' "

This was a single car accident with the only injuries being to the only person in the vehicle who was the owner of the vehicle in a private subdivision on a private road.  Mr. Woods doesn't have to talk to you and I hope he doesn't!  It's been a couple of days and the pushy LEOs have made 3 attempts to question him and show no signs of letting up when they go on CNN to push the point.  Of course, with pushiness like that it's "unusual" for people not to make statements!

"The accident was not alcohol-related, according to the police report."  Id.  OK, so now it's time for the LEOs to STOP and leave Mr. Woods alone!

Some twit took cellphone photos and gave them to the media. (No, I'm not giving a link!)  Geez, what do you have to do these days to have a little privacy?  Buy an island?  Even that won't work!  This nonsense is being recycled every few hours by the media and I'm sure there's bunches and bunches of speculation going on.  STOP IT.

"Stonewalling is a bad option."  I tend to agree.  Mr. Woods should simply tell the LEOs he isn't required to speak with them, isn't going to, so GO AWAY.  We all need to start doing that, just refusing to talk about private matters if we don't want to.  No excuses, no reasons.  Just say no politely and firmly.

"So what's the big deal about a little car crash?"  Id.  And then they proceed to speculate on the possibilities, fueling the rumor mill!  "his fans will be left to ponder for themselves possible answers to these many questions"  Id.

I'm amongst those who believe sports heroes do have obligations to fans.  If they commit crimes or are violent, the fans should know because that's not someone who should be honored and "fanned" BUT they are also entitled to some privacy.  Those fans and the media should enjoy Tiger Woods and golf until when and IF there's something serious to be concerned about.  Until then, GET A LIFE that doesn't involve rumor mongering!

That goes double for the Florida Highway Patrol!!!  Go catch some murderers please!

Monday morning update: Now the Florida Highway Patrol is seeking a warrant and, despite the fact that Mr. Woods issued a statement and requested privacy for this, the media is in a feeding frenzy demanding MORE and the rumore mongering is escalating.  GEEZ!

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