To Texas Husky Rescue

Hey, you scuzzy thieves.  You have dogs that belong, per Texas property law and the US Constitution, to Ashley.  GIVE THEM BACK.

I am sick to death of people who claim to be in "rescue" who go around thieving loved, owned, cared for animals from owners on any flimsy excuse and/or false accusation while killing the animals who actually need helped.  It may be efficient and it may make you all oodles of money in donations but it is utterly DESPICABLE!

Your lawyer can contact me at if they'd like to send me a cease and desist letter (which I can assure you will instigate me to escalate against you as will any contact from any of your internal dweebs and I may escalate anyway out of disgust for you).

Killeen Animal Control, you is already be on my big *S* list so don't EVEN start.  I got some BIG news for your pissy little city council.  They do NOT get to override Texas statute with their whimsical city ordinances and they damn sure don't get to trump the Texas and US Constitutions!

Go Back

Give Ashley her dogs back! Who do you think you are to terrorize a veteran of the United States Military anyway?

You GO girl!! This is such Bullsh*t. The word is getting out Miss CANNOT do this, and NEVER FORGET KARMA IS A BITCH! You will soon discover the power of the people far beyond your little banjo playing good ol' boy town. GIVE ASHLEY HER DOGS BACK.