To Texas Husky Rescue

Hey, you scuzzy thieves.  You have dogs that belong, per Texas property law and the US Constitution, to Ashley.  GIVE THEM BACK.

I am sick to death of people who claim to be in "rescue" who go around thieving loved, owned, cared for animals from owners on any flimsy excuse and/or false accusation while killing the animals who actually need helped.  It may be efficient and it may make you all oodles of money in donations but it is utterly DESPICABLE!

Your lawyer can contact me at if they'd like to send me a cease and desist letter (which I can assure you will instigate me to escalate against you as will any contact from any of your internal dweebs and I may escalate anyway out of disgust for you).

Killeen Animal Control, you is already be on my big *S* list so don't EVEN start.  I got some BIG news for your pissy little city council.  They do NOT get to override Texas statute with their whimsical city ordinances and they damn sure don't get to trump the Texas and US Constitutions!

Go Back

I was her roommate at Steve's house. When this bitch moved out she stole my laptop, Xbox 360 and camera. I had to go to Killeen pd and press charges before it was found in various pawn shops and in various places. They have her on camera stealing it because the neighbors had cameras outside. When she was arrested the first time the whole house smelled like piss and shit and was covered in feces. She's so crazy she gave up her room to the cats and slept in her closet... Her belongings were not put in the garage they were put in her bedroom after I scrubbed for 2 days to get the feces and urine off the walls, floor, windows EVERYWHERE! Ashley is crazy and these animals are better off where they are.

A far as I am aware Jean... there is only one Parr there. Sorry about your bro. I am truly innocent and this was beyond humiliating for me.

I don't believe this is the same Det. Parr above involved in my brothers case because he is in Bell County I believe.

I agree with you when you need help from the killeen police you can't get it.My mom's and sisters property who are both deceased was destroyed from someone who ripped all the copper wiring out of both homes.I live in Michigan.I called to Texas because I put trespassing charges against the person I know who did it and they have done nothing.It is so sad.I know it was my sister-in-law and her boyfriend who she was seeing while married yet they still don't do nothing.My brother was put in jail from lies from her and is awaiting trial on charges that she did just to get revenge when she was mad.The ounce or less of drugs she told two witnesses they were hers and she was a drug dealer she told me and a lady who helped me drive down to texas last year that was how she bought her house.I am saddened how the justice system is in Texas.Det. Parr was involved in one of the investigations in my brothers case also I believe on the small amount of drugs of my sister-in-laws.My brother is innocent!! He would serve her breakfast in bed do dishes and cook plus work 12 to 14 hrs a day.They got divorced last Nov. and I say good riddance.She made his life hell.She is insanely jealous and when women would even look at him she went crazy He didn't do anything because we were with him and her alot because we were helping him mend a fence and landscaping.We were in Texas for six weeks and she constantly was yelling about just stupid stuff.If anyone wants to write him his name is Jerry D. Vincent Housing Unit 197552 C/O Bell County Law Enforcement Center 113 West Central Belton, Texas 76513 He needs all the support he can receive.

I find it reprehensible for you morons to be waging a PUBLIC attack and tirade on an ANIMAL RESCUE. WHERE would those animals BE had they NOT RESCUED THEM? MORE THAN LIKELY DEAD, like the 5 other CATS that ASHLEY DID NOT have the RESOURCES to be RESCUING! THESE animals DO NOT NEED HELP OR RESCUED. Quit acting like a bunch of 2 bit thug criminals because this kind of behavior is hardly worthy of any cause when it has this kind of unstable & irresponsible mentality behind it. Appalled.

..."people who claim to be in "rescue" who go around thieving loved, owned, cared for animals"... They are brainwashed. Every animal they find they think is dumped. They've been brainwashed by AR (and become adherents, like other cults). And if they think it's lost, they think it's lost because you're a bad owner. I'm generally against more legislation, but I think we need a "lost animal" bill, requiring finders to advertise at least two weeks before giving up on finding an owner. I'd like to see shelters required to do the same - with pictures. I can visit every local shelter every day but if a dog was taken 50 miles away... it's impossible to search every shelter daily in 50 miles.

Don't forget KAC, Hotlabs, and Forgotten Friends.

a veteran of the military is a regular person just like anyone else. yeah, she's been wronged (if the allegations against her aren't true) but she hasn't been any more wronged than any non-military vets.