Thieving HPD Officer Gets Paid Vacation, 6+ Months?

"allegedly taking money from a driver he pulled over during a traffic stop", "relieved of duty with pay", "charged with theft by a police servant" last JULY.  "If he's eventually found guilty, it could mean a two-year prison sentence and a permanent loss of his Texas peace officer's license."

HPD officer Anthony Foster "pleaded guilty to theft by a public servant is going to jail for ten days."

He gets a 6 month PAID vacation and ONLY 10 days in jail?  THAT'S IT????????

Doesn't even sound like they even temporarily pulled his ticket to be a cop so he'll probably be right back out there shaking down more Houston residents the day after he gets out of jail.

Unfreaking believable!!!  I simply don't have words to express my outrage so I'll resort to channeling my youthful self.  Haven't said this in over 25 years...  (snort, snort) OINK!  HPD officers need some kind of reminder that pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered, one way or another, sooner or later.  These boys sound more like feral hogs every day and we all know what needs done to control feral hogs!

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